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Polls show increased support for Green Party ahead of local and European elections

The Green Party has seen a significant bounce in support in two polls ahead of the local and European elections.

One of the surveys also shows Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil neck and neck ahead of Friday's vote.

Two separate opinion polls this evening both show a four-point bounce for the Green Party.

The party would feel hopeful about taking a European seat with the 5%-7% levels of support outlined.

The Red C poll of 2,000 adults for the Sunday Business Post was done between May 6 and 16 and shows a five-point drop in support for Fine Gael to 28%.

That is still four points clear of Fianna Fáil which is up by 1% to 24%, with Sinn Féin down one to 13%.

The behaviour and attitudes poll of 954 voters was done between May 2 and 14 for the Sunday Times.

It also has Fine Gael on 28%. But B&A puts them level with Fianna Fáil, which falls 1% month on month.

That poll shows Sinn Féin down two to 19%.

What it tells us ahead of next Friday is that the gap between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil is very small, and the Green Party are likely to take advantage of a wave of climate conscious voters.

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