Bertie Ahern walks out of TV interview after facing questions about Mahon Tribunal

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern walked out of an interview with a German broadcaster after being questioned about the Mahon Tribunal.

Speaking on DW's Conflict Zone programme, he also again refused to rule out a run for the presidency, saying: "That will be for another day, that will be for another day."

When asked by journalist Tim Sebastian if he had cleared his name after the findings of the Mahon Tribunal, Mr Ahern responded: "Yes, I did, I’m quite happy I cleared my name."

Mr Sebastian said: "Because the tribunal never reversed its decision..."

Mr Ahern responded: "No I mean, the tribunal gave its views, the tribunal gave its views."

"They said you weren’t truthful," said Mr Sebastian, to which Mr Ahern responded: "No, they gave its views and I gave my evidence. I gave my evidence and I was very happy with my evidence.

"I was very happy with the situation that I gave and the tribunal is over and it's reported and that’s it."

When Mr Sebastian attempted to move on to another topic, Mr Ahern said: "I agreed to meet you on the Good Friday Agreement, we’ve done that so we’re finished. Thank you very much", before getting up and walking out.

Mr Ahern resigned as Taoiseach in 2008, saying he was leaving office early partly as a result of the ongoing tribunal probe into his affairs.

The former Fianna Fáil leader has always denied any wrongdoing, stating previously: "I never took a bribe or corrupt payment. I never made a political decision in return for a payment."

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