Latest: 'Nothing suspicious found' after Abtran employees in Cork evacuated following mail incident

A view of the scene in Mahon. Photo: Eoin English

Update 1.40pm: Staff at Abtran in Cork are being brought back into the building in stages following an incident earlier today.

Employees at the contact centre at Mahon were evacuated this morning at 11.30am after suspected hazardous material was sent to the mail processing centre.

In a further statement, Abtran said nothing suspicious was found on the premises and the two staff members affected are safe and well.

"Please note this matter has been stood down. Operations are resuming as normal.

"All staff are returning to the building. The emergency services are departing.

Nothing suspect has been found.

"The two staff members are safe and well other than the earlier symptoms noted below."

Earlier: Abtran employees in Cork injured by suspected hazardous material in post

Update 12.57pm: There has been a suspected serious incident at a company in Cork today.

Employees at Abtran's contact centre at Mahon were evacuated this morning after suspected hazardous material was sent to the mail processing centre.

"This morning, at approximately 11.30am, two members of staff working in the mail receiving centre experienced symptoms of skin irritation. The cause of this is not known," Abtran said in a statement.

"The company’s health and safety team acted immediately to provide assistance to the individuals concerned.

"The ambulance service was called and are attending together with the Fire Brigade.

The scene in Cork. Photo: Dan Linehan

"As a precautionary measure and in the interests of the safety of all staff, Abtran immediately asked all staff to leave the premises until the cause of this matter can be properly identified.

"The Gardaí and Fire Brigade are assisting in this process.

"All staff left the premises safely and without incident."

A source at the scene said a number of people in hazmat suits are in the building and employees have been moved to the far end of the car park, as far away from the building as possible.

Employees are to remain at the scene and were told to expect a further update in the next hour or two.

"We're all out on the grass and there's no water provided or toilet facilities," the staff member said.

"We don't know how long we'll be out here, it could be hours."

An adjoining company, RCI, which is in the same building as Abtran, is understood to also be on lockdown, with staff remaining inside the building until investigations are completed.

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