UK 'not a suicide attacks target', says Hamza

Britons need not fear attacks from suicide bombers, controversial Muslim cleric Abu Hamza said today.

Britons need not fear attacks from suicide bombers, controversial Muslim cleric Abu Hamza said today.

He said the threat had receded after busloads of British anti-war campaigners headed out to Iraq to act as human shields.

“The actions of the people defending the Iraqis and Palestinians stops this kind of thing taking place,” he said.

Mr Hamza was speaking after addressing more than 100 worshippers at prayers outside Finsbury Park Mosque, North London, which is currently closed after an anti-terrorism raid.

Earlier Mr Hamza told the worshippers gathered in the road under the watchful eyes of police: “We are not here because we are showing off. It is because our beloved mosque is closed because of a conspiracy among those who do not want the word of God to be heard.

“People should see us – this is what was going on inside, nothing else,” he said.

The war against Islam was continuing, he said.

When people were arrested there were big headlines on the front page, but when it was found there was no evidence against them it only made a small piece inside the newspaper.

“Islam does not even have a broomstick to defend itself,” he said.

And he told his audience: “Stick to your religion, we don’t take standards from these people, they need to take standards from us, they have abandoned their religion.”

The mosque has been closed since police raided it and found suspect items.

Mr Hamza was removed from his position at the mosque under the powers of the Charity Commission.

The cleric was accused of abusing his position to preach his radical brand of Islam and make inflammatory sermons.

But he claimed he had been victimised after the commission banned him from speaking at the mosque.

Mr Hamza – who has a hook for a hand and only one eye, which he claims are injuries from fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan – claims that he has widespread support from worshippers at the mosque.

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