Psychic politician claims to have seen missing intern - dead

A US politician claims to have seen Chandra Levy by communicating with the dead.

A US politician claims to have seen Chandra Levy by communicating with the dead.

Georgia State representative Dorothy Pelote told members of the state legislature she is a prophet and can speak to the dead.

She claims to have seen the missing Washington intern through a psychic vision; Ms Levy was lying dead in a ditch surrounded by woods.

"I want you to know that I can prophesy. I can communicate with the dead," Ms Pelote, a Democrat representative, said while standing at the podium of the House delivering the House's daily devotional message.

"The last person who visited me was - I don't know if I need to call her name. Maybe I should not, because it's a controversial death now. She's missing. You know who I'm talking about. She has visited me. She has."

After leaving the podium, Ms Pelote confirmed she was talking about 24-year-old Chandra Levy, whose disappearance in April sparked a national scandal because of her links to Californian congressman Gary Condit.

"She really didn't say anything. I saw her. She came," Ms Pelote said in an interview."

"When I saw her, she was lying in a ditch and her eyes were closed. She was in a wooded area in a ditch."

She told her House colleagues that her psychic experiences began in her childhood after she was brought back from near death in an accidental drowning. She had a vision of a bright fireball turning in the sky.

Later, she said, she had visions of the dead, it was reported: "And the older I get, the stronger it becomes."

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