Psychologists predict a person's future by their smile

Psychologists claim they can see people's futures in their smiles.

Psychologists claim they can see people's futures in their smiles.

Researchers at the University of California studied the intensity of women's smiles and carried out personality tests to see how much they expressed positive emotions.

They looked at the photographs of women aged 21 taken from their college yearbooks and found enough clues of their emotional make-up to predict their life for 30 years.

Further tests when the women were 27, 43 and 52 years of age showed that those who expressed more positive emotion at 21became more mentally focused, had better marriages and enjoyed greater personal wellbeing.

Dr Dacher Keltner, of the department of psychology at the university, led the study. She said: "It means we can take photos at a wedding and from them we may be able to tell how the marriage will go".

The problems of Hillary Clinton's marriage can be read in her face, while the happy marriages of Joanne Woodward and Meryl Streep are seen in their broad smiles. "You see that gleam in Meryl Streep's eye that tells you it's good," Dr Keltner said.

The findings of Dr Keltner and his colleagues, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, are among the first in the field

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