USA: Lightning, a spider, and now a snake — a central Florida man is proving to be a survivor.


QUIRKY WORLD ... Florida man survives latest attack from nature

USA: Lightning, a spider, and now a snake — a central Florida man is proving to be a survivor.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Florida man survives latest attack from nature

In the last four years, Kyle Cook, 31, has been struck by lightning, bitten by a venomous spider and, most recently, attacked by an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake in his backyard in Lakeland.

His father, Mike Cook, calls his son “a walking Murphy’s law”.

The younger Cook was almost finished cutting the grass at his family’s rented house on August 11 when he heard a loud rattling sound. He saw the 1.7m snake about a metre away. As he moved back, he stepped on a stick. He says the noise provoked the snake, which struck him.

Fang marks are still visible two weeks later on Cook’s right ankle.

The hunt for read books

Belgium: Inspired by the success of Pokémon Go, a Belgian primary school headmaster has developed an online game for people to search for books instead of cartoon monsters, attracting tens of thousands of players in weeks.

Pokémon Go players use a mobile device’s GPS and camera to track virtual creatures around town. Aveline Gregoire’s version is played through a Facebook group called ‘Chasseurs de livres (‘Book hunters).

Players post pictures and hints about where they have hidden a book and others go to hunt them down. Once someone has finished reading a book, they ‘release’ it back into the wild.

“While I was arranging my library, I realised I didn’t have enough space for all my books. Having played Pokémon Go with my kids, I had the idea of releasing the books into nature,” Gregoire told reporters.

Though it was only set up a few weeks ago, more than 40,000 people are already signed up to Gregoire’s Facebook group.

The hidden tomes range from books for toddlers through to Stephen King horrors, placed around Belgian towns and countryside, often wrapped in clear plastic to keep off the rain.

Worms go underground

USA: New York City subway riders are likely to get bugged over a lot of things — but a recent incident was one for the books.

The New York Post says a woman trying to sell crickets and worms lost her grip on her odd cargo when she got jostled on a ‘D’ train.

Rider Chris Calabrese says startled passengers had crickets on their arms; his girlfriend was crying. The worms wriggled on the floor.

Passengers moved to the other end of the subway car. Someone pulled the emergency brake and the train halted on the Manhattan Bridge.

Calabrese says it was “the craziest thing” he’d ever seen on a train.

Stabbed for beer

USA: Police say a Pennsylvania woman stabbed her husband with scissors because he drank one of her beers while she slept.

Tracey Lee Giffin, 45, faces charges including aggravated assault.

Police say the Uniontown couple had been drinking last Sunday evening. They say Giffin went to bed but woke up to discover that her husband had drunk one of her beers.

Police say an angry Giffin stabbed him and cut him on the neck, chest, and head with the scissors. They say she also bit him on the arms and a thumb.

Briefs encounter

USA: Authorities say a man wearing only boxer shorts stole a pick-up truck and drove it into a Southwest Airlines plane at an airport in Omaha, Nebraska, causing minor injuries to three people on board.

Eppley Airfield Police Chief Tim Conahan says an officer spotted the man outside the terminal on Thursday evening, screaming that people were trying to kill him. When officers approached, the man ran, climbed a fence into the gate area, undressed, and stole an airline pickup. He drove into the plane, which was headed to Denver, as passengers were boarding.

The man is in custody. His name has not been released.

Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said Friday that the plane’s nose gear tires were flattened, so another plane flew the 113 passengers to Denver, landing three hours later than originally scheduled.

Large lobster

England: The heaviest UK-landed common lobster is settling into his new home at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

Weighing in at nearly 7.65kg, he is the heaviest common lobster to be discovered in UK waters since 1931. The lobster, named JJ in honour of British Olympic silver medal-winning boxer Joe Joyce, was discovered in waters off north Devon.

Carpool Carey

USA: Mariah Carey had no idea she would be asked to sing when she climbed into a car with James Corden for the first carpool karaoke.

Carey was the first star to take part in the wildly successful segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden, before Adele, One Direction, Justin Bieber and most recently Britney Spears all hopped into the passenger seat. Carey’s segment has since racked up 27m YouTube views.

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