QUIRKY WORLD ... Leicester’s luck creates shockwaves — literally

ENGLAND: Leicester City’s success on the pitch has been sending shockwaves through the city — with the celebrations of fans being picked up by equipment used to detect earthquakes.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Leicester’s luck creates shockwaves — literally

Supporters jumping up and down at the King Power Stadium when the Foxes nabbed an 89th-minute winner against Norwich City caused a quake with a magnitude of 0.3, researchers have said.

A group of geology students at the University of Leicester placed earthquake detecting equipment at a primary school near the Leicester City ground and said Leonardo Ulloa’s last-gasp winner led to a spike in seismic activity.

Richard Hoyle, a first-year student from Leeds studying geological science at the University of Leicester, said: “A few days after we installed the equipment at the school and were analysing data collected, we noticed large peaks on the seismogram during football matches being held in the stadium nearby.

“A closer look showed us there was a strong correlation between the exact time Leicester scored at home and the occurrence of the large seismic signals.

“We concluded that our equipment was actually measuring small earthquakes produced by the sudden energy release by the cheering Leicester fans celebrating at the moment a goal was scored.”

The phenomenon is being called the VardyQuake — despite striker Jamie Vardy not scoring since Leicester’s 2-1 away defeat to Arsenal on February 14.

Aid for elephant

JAPAN: A Tokyo zoo said it will work on improving the living conditions for its 69-year-old elephant after an animal welfare expert recommended against moving her.

Carol Buckley was invited to the zoo by the Help Hanako campaign that sought to improve the elephant’s situation or move her to a Thai sanctuary.

Inokashira Park Zoo has said such a move would be too stressful for the elderly elephant. Buckley recommends simple changes — infrared heaters, rubber mats, and more toys.

Sleepy stand-off

USA: Gunfire at a central Ohio home in the middle of the night spurred a four-hour standoff until officers heard snoring, realised the 75-year-old suspect had fallen asleep in bed, and moved in to arrest him. No one was hurt. Gunshots were reported by a resident who fled the home in Newark. It’s not clear why the man fired shots at a bed and wall or why he didn’t respond to attempts to contact him when he appeared to be awake and alone, police said.

Cartoon chase

USA: A driver of a minivan painted to resemble the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo led police in northern California on a high-speed chase before giving them the slip.

Redding Police are now searching for 51-year-old Sharon Kay Turman, who was wanted for alleged probation violations.

Turman’s 1994 Chrysler Town And Country minivan was painted to resemble the cartoon vehicle. Police said Turman drove through several red lights, showing disregard for the safety of other motorists, prompting an end to the pursuit.

$200k stolen — in quarters

USA: Prosecutors in Alabama say a former armoured transportation company worker has agreed to plead guilty to stealing nearly $200,000 (€181,000), all in quarters.

Prosecutors said 49-year-old Stephen Lancaster Dennis was a money-processing manager at a Brink’s Co facility in Birmingham, where coins were stored for the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank.

They say he took 784,000 quarters in early 2014 by using beads to fill bags that were supposed to contain $50,000 each in quarters.

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