Quirky World: David Cameron just jealous of my jacket, says casual Jeremy Corbyn

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Quirky World: David Cameron just jealous of my jacket, says casual Jeremy Corbyn

ENGLAND: Jeremy Corbyn has quipped that David Cameron is “jealous” of his clothes shopping habits after the prime minister’s House of Commons jibe about the Labour leader’s attire.

Heckled by Labour MPs over what his mother, a critic of local council cuts, would think about problems in the health service, the PM turned his fire on the Labour leader.

Cameron said: “Ask my mother? I think I know what my mother would say. I think she would look across the despatch box and she would say: ‘Put on a proper suit, do up your tie, and sing the national anthem.’ ”

Corbyn quipped yesterday: “He’s actually jealous of the jacket.

“You know what he’s really jealous of — that I can go shopping in the great shopping centre of the world, Holloway Rd — N7. And he’s stuck with Bond St.”

Stealing from students


A maintenance worker is charged with using social media to track dozens of college women in order to rob their Orange County homes and sorority houses.

Arturo Galvan of Menifee appeared in court, pleading not guilty to burglary. He allegedly targeted at least 33 women, stealing over $250,000 (€225,000) worth of items.

Fullerton police say he would spot women in public places such as coffee shops or shopping centres and try to track their locations through Instagram. Police say Galvan obtained their home addresses from geo-tagged photos.

Galvan allegedly stole laptops, jewellery, and underwear from the victims.

The royal pigeon


Animal welfare officers who rescued a lost pigeon in East Lothian were surprised to discover it had a royal owner — the Queen.

The Scottish SPCA was called when the exhausted bird was spotted at Traprain Terrace in Haddington on February 2. Staff traced it back to its owner and the racing pigeon has now been returned to the royal loft in Norfolk.

No homes for gnomes


Nearly 40 gnome homes have been evicted from a Pennsylvania state park after a decision change sent them packing.

Management at Little Buffalo State Park gave permission for Steve Hoke to create the mini, magical houses in December. Since then, he has created 38 tiny houses in tree roots, hollow logs, and on stumps around the forest near Newport.

Park manager Jason Baker said he gave the OK originally, but it was later decided the homes could affect wildlife habitat. Hoke removed the little abodes after being told he had until February 29 to do so.

Goat commotion


A goat caused a commotion when it was spotted in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in a Massachusetts car park, flashing its owner’s lights.

Passer-by John Miller noticed the animal and filmed it with his phone. He posted the video online where it was discovered by the goat’s owner, Ashley Robertson.

Robertson said she was on her way home with her new goat when she stopped at Home Depot. She did not think the goat would climb into the front seat because of its size.

Parole for prison Houdini?


A man in prison for 36 years for stealing the mechanic tools his father had left him in his will could finally get a chance to go free.

The Florida parole commission will review the case of Mark DeFriest, who was dubbed the ‘prison Houdini’ after a series of escapes that added more and more time to his sentence.

If DeFriest had just been patient and claimed his tools after his father’s will had been executed, he never would have gone to prison.

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