QUIRKY WORLD ... Burglar caught red-handed as he grabs iced tea

USA: Authorities in Florida say a suspected burglar was arrested after returning to a crash scene to retrieve a bottle of iced tea, fearing it would be used as evidence.
QUIRKY WORLD ... Burglar caught red-handed as he grabs iced tea

Bryan Lindon, 23, is charged with burglary of an unoccupied residence and grand theft.

Authorities say Lindon and another person are suspected of breaking into a Cooper City home, then trying to break into another residence in Pembroke Pines.

Police arrested a 17-year-old suspect in Pembroke Pines, but say Lindon fled in a stolen car and crashed into a truck.

Broward Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Gina Carter says Lindon was arrested after returning to the scene for the tea, which she says Lindon probably thought was DNA evidence.

Royal dust

ENGLAND: Charles, the prince of Wales, received a packet of fairy dust as a gift for his grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, during an official visit to New Zealand.

The item was named among a list of official gifts received by members of the British royal family during royal engagements both at home and abroad during 2015. Well-wishers gave the proud grandfather everything from practical gifts like baby booties and a wooden rattle to two giant lollipops.

Lucky lotto escape

USA: Luck wasn’t on the side of a Texas man who ventured out to buy a lottery ticket this week.

The 67-year-old Fort Worth man was walking to a shop in his neighbourhood, in hopes of winning the $1.5bn (€1.4bn) Powerball jackpot, when he fell through a deep hole at a construction site, landing in water at the bottom.

His family reported him missing after darkness fell, and during a search of the area, officers noticed the construction hole and found the man at the bottom of the 2m opening.

Officers were able to climb into the hole and give the man aid before pulling him to the surface.

“Because of the quick thinking and dedication the officers exhibited, this man and his family can say they truly won the biggest lottery of all,” the department said.

Grape North Run

ENGLAND: Six locations around the UK are set to host races with a special incentive to get competitors past the finishing line.

While runners will get water as usual as they make their way around the course, they will also have the chance to sample wine at stops dotted around the route.

Organisers of the Wineathlons say the events in Scotland, England, and Wales are designed to “put the fun back into running”.

No police like home

USA: A Minnesota Vikings football fan was apparently so drunk he broke into a police station after his team lost to Seattle, believing it was his own home.

State Fair police spokeswoman Brooke Blakey said the 30-year-old appeared to be under the influence when he entered the station, which resembles a house.

People use the Minnesota State Fairgrounds to “tailgate” — the US practice of holding a party from the back of a parked vehicle — at Vikings games.

A patrol officer discovered the fan inside the station and police say he is facing trespassing charges.

Making a mug of himself

USA: An Ohio man wanted for drunk driving and unsatisfied with his police mug shot has sent officers a more flattering photo.

Donald “Chip” Pugh, 45, posted a photo of himself wearing sunglasses in a car after he saw the two mug shots the Lima, Ohio, police department had posted on its Facebook page.

“Here is a better photo that one is terrible,” Pugh wrote when he sent in the selfie.

The police posted the mug shots after an arrest warrant was issued following Pugh’s failure to appear in court on a misdemeanour drunk-driving charge.

Going native on home crisis

USA: Politicians in Hawaii are considering a unique solution to the housing crisis. They want to make it possible for people to live in traditional Hawaiian grass huts.

Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland said she is introducing a bill in the state legislature’s upcoming session that would let officials set aside land to build native Hawaiian thatched homes.

Cultural practitioner Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu approached the senator with the idea. She says officials creating housing solutions should take into account the culture of the people they are trying to help.

Landing pains

USA: Motorists got a shock when a small plane made an emergency landing on a Southern California freeway just as the evening commute was getting under way.

The California Highway Patrol says vehicles had to swerve to avoid hitting the two-seat aircraft when it touched down on State Route 23 in Ventura County.

Student-pilot Danielle Lagree said she was flying with her instructor when the engine began to sputter. Lagree says the instructor took over and managed to put the single-engine plane down in lanes without hitting any vehicles. Nobody was hurt.

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