Quirky World: Man wins custody of Corvette in divorce battle

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Quirky World: Man wins custody of Corvette in divorce battle


A court has granted an Alabama man custody of a 1994 Chevrolet Corvette in a divorce case.

The Alabama court of civil appeals ruled a judge was wrong to give the sports car to Carlaine Henry after she divorced James Todd Henry last year. The couple did not have children, but records show the woman sought the Corvette when she filed for divorce, and a judge agreed.

Henry’s ex-husband appealed, saying his grandparents gave him the car 16 years before the marriage in 2012. The man argued they had not used the Corvette together, so he should keep it. The appellate court also overturned a judge’s ruling that he had to pay his ex-wife $13,000 (€11,890) if he wanted the car.

Fly the fern

New Zealand:

A new flag design which ditches the union flag for a fern has been chosen in New Zealand. But the question is whether enough people will rally behind it to oust the current flag.

The winning design from a postal ballot features a silver fern and red stars on a black and blue background. The design will now go head to head against the current flag in a national vote in March.

The fern has become a national symbol and is worn by many sports teams, including the beloved All Blacks rugby squad.

New Zealanders had submitted more than 10,000 designs as they contemplated a change in their national symbol.

People submitted more than 10,000 potential new flag designs, including bizarre ones like a kiwi, the iconic native bird, shooting a green laser beam from its eye.

In the end it came down to two flags by Kyle Lockwood that featured the same design of a silver fern and four red stars, but with different background colours. His black and blue flag just edged his red and darker blue flag 50.6% to 49.4% in a run-off vote.

Lucky escape


Northern California authorities say a driver is lucky to be alive after a large metal beam pierced the windshield of his SUV while on a San José freeway.

San José fire department captain Christopher Salcido says the beam fell off of a flatbed truck, crashing through the windshield and lodging itself into the driver’s seat of the BMW.

The driver, 66-year-old Don Lee, suffered a small scratch to his right arm.

Twenty-two-year-old Javier Zambrano of Los Banos was driving the Ford flatbed truck carrying the beam.

California highway patrol spokesman Ross Lee says Zambrano will be cited for spilling a load once the investigation is complete.

Joke’s on him


Ed Miliband may have lost the general election, but he has come top of a poll of festive funnies this year.

The former Labour leader’s political defeat, Jeremy Clarkson’s infamous punch-up, and the Volkswagen emissions scandal all made the list after a search for the best modern Christmas cracker jokes.

The competition by UKTV’s comedy channel Gold, which has been renamed Christmas Gold for December, was prompted two years ago after research suggested many people considered Christmas cracker jokes to be outdated.

Loaded donation


A loaded handgun has been found inside a Goodwill clothing donation bin in Augusta, Georgia.

Richmond County deputy sheriff Leslie Gaiter said a revolver was found inside the pocket of a coat that had been donated by an unidentified person. The fully loaded RG-14 revolver, had not been reported missing and was handed over to the sheriff’s office.

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