QUIRKY WORLD ... Cop kills his career with death metal performance in uniform

USA: A police officer has been fired after being filmed singing a song titled ‘Let The Killing Begin’ with a death metal band — while on duty and in uniform.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Cop kills his career with death metal performance in uniform

Police Chief Cecil B Smith said his department received video showing Andrew Ricks singing the song referencing the crucifixion of Christ with the band Vital Remains at a venue in Sanford, Florida, on November 13. Mr Smith said the incident “erodes the thin fibres of trust” between police and the community.

Holy cow


Organisers of an art fair in western India say right-wing Hindu activists have taken down an exhibit of a Styrofoam cow that was suspended in mid-air.

RB Gauttam, an organiser of the Jaipur Art Summit, said Sunday that the exhibit was meant to highlight how cows suffer after ingesting plastic waste at India’s many garbage dumps. The activists deemed the installation offensive. Cows are revered by India’s majority Hindus, and the slaughter of the animals is banned in several Indian states.

In recent months, violence based on rumours of beef-eating by India’s Muslim minority has risen. A man was beaten to death by a mob over rumours his family had eaten beef, and two others were killed for allegedly transporting cows for slaughter.

Food for thought


A Buddhist meditation technique designed to spread love and kindness can combat racial prejudice, a study has found. Just seven minutes of “loving-kindness meditation” (LKM) is enough to reduce the ease with which people think negatively about someone of another race, say scientists. LKM is supposed to engender and kindness through repeating phrases such as “may you be happy and healthy” while visualising a particular person.

Off the road


A patient who had nothing wrong with him deliberately urinated inside an ambulance, leading to the vehicle being taken off the road for cleaning.

West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) described the man’s actions, highlighted on Twitter by a paramedic, as “mindless, unacceptable and disgraceful”.

A WMAS spokesman said the patient reacted angrily after being informed that he did not require treatment.

In a series of posts on Twitter, response team paramedic Jon Ostrowski wrote that the man had “demanded” a transfer to an emergency department.

Sticky situation


Some Florida condo owners are steaming after their homeowners’ association asked them to submit their dog’s DNA in order to fine owners who don’t pick up after their pets.

Harbor Landing residents said they received a letter last week and some feel it’s an invasion of privacy.

The letter asked residents to register their dogs and cats with the association through a DNA test, citing a significant increase in the amount of animal faeces found throughout the property recently, including inside the elevators.

The News Herald reports pet owners would have to pay for the DNA test, registration fee and any potential cleanup fees.

Tables turned


An Albuquerque couple turned the tables on a burglar caught loading their belongings into his car.

When police arrived at the scene they found a 70-year-old man and his 66-year-old wife both pointing guns at 26-year-old Aaron Lujan. Tixier says the husband observed Lujan putting a generator, power tools and other items of his into an SUV. The man says he confronted Lujan but was ignored.

The husband then grabbed his shotgun while his wife took a handgun and both held Lujan at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

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