QUIRKY WORLD ... Keeper hopes to save on new teeth with fans help

BRITAIN: Football fans have been asked to dig deep to put a smile back on the face of a non-league goalkeeper who lost four teeth on the pitch.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Keeper hopes to save on new teeth with fans help

Halesowen Town goalie Daniel Platt, 23, clashed heads with Tividale striker Joel Ayetti during a game on August 8 — with Platt leaving the pitch with a broken jaw, causing his teeth to fall out by the roots.

The club, who play in the Northern Premier League, did not have sports injury insurance to cover the dental work, so Platt has been left with a £6,000 bill for the reconstruction of his teeth.

Car rescue


A couple looking for a scenic spot to take a photo found an injured woman who had been trapped inside her wrecked car for two days in a secluded part of a canyon.

Sergeant Spencer Cannon of Utah County said the couple heard faint calls for help and discovered 29-year-old Heather Blackwelder.

Spencer said he initially thought the sounds were children playing, but after the woman cried that she was stuck in her vehicle, he rushed to look for water while his girlfriend called emergency services.

Authorities said Ms Blackwelder had been trapped since plummeting several hundred feet down the mountainside south-east of Salt Lake City. She is expected to recover.

Return to sender


royal enthusiast who sent Queen Elizabeth a £50 note was delighted to find she had written back and thanked him — and returned the money.

David Vaz, 43, wanted to express his gratitude to Britain’s longest reigning monarch by sending her a £50 note and a letter encouraging her to “treat herself to her favourite cup of tea”.

However, rather than spending the money on a cup of the finest Darjeeling, the Queen — who is estimated to have a £300m fortune — refused to accept the cash and sent David a reply saying that she was “deeply moved” by the gesture.

Shebeen warning


The president of Namibia has announced that shebeens in residential areas will soon be a thing of the past.

There are more than 12,000 shebeens in the African country, with 3,000 in the capital Windhoek. Of these, just 540 are registered. As many as 15,000 people live off shebeens in the capital out of a total population of more than 300,000.

President Hage Geingob in particular took issue with their effect on children, saying they can contribute to the high failure rate in schools, as they do not create a conducive study environment for children living in houses where shebeens are run

He said that although people open shebeens because they want some income to send their children to school, they must be relocated from residential areas.

The Windhoek municipality has given shebeen owners until the end of the month to legalise and formalise their businesses before strict control measures are implemented, according The Namibian newspaper.

Stolen bike


Spanish police have recovered a prized bicycle belonging to an international racing team taking part in the Vuelta cycling race after finding it on sale in a second-hand store for a ridiculously low price.

Officers in the Mediterranean port of Malaga recovered the specially-constructed cycle, seeing it marked at €120 euro when its exceptional technical characteristics should have placed its value at around €12,000, a statement said.

The bicycle was not reported stolen because teams in the three-week tour had not had time to call the police.

However, investigators identified the machine as belonging to the Australian team Orica Greenedge.

Hindley letters


Child killer Myra Hindley pledged she would “never, never” kill again in a series of secret papers that include hand-written letters where she reveals plans to flee the country and write a book about her life, the Mirror reports.

The murderer revealed she had a hidden nest egg that she would use to fund her disappearance, while also outlining plans for her “survival” behind bars.

The details were revealed in a stack of papers linked to parole interviews the vile killer undertook in the 1990s. Hindley was convicted in 1966 of murdering Edward Evans, 17, and Lesley Ann Downey, 10, and of being an accessory in the murder of John Kilbride, 12.

Ice bomb


A California family was startled when a large chunk of ice came hurtling from the sky and crashed through the roof of her their home.

Monica Savath said she and her family were in the living room of their Modesto home when they heard a loud crash. In the garage, they found a gaping hole in the roof and shattered ice. Neighbour Lisa Lawrence said she was outside when she heard a whizzing sound and saw the chunk the size of a basketball.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Mathews said he believes it was frozen vapour that broke loose from a plane flying high overhead.

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