Quirky World: Toilet humour? Anti-pee wall paint sprays back

USA: San Francisco has painted nine walls with a repellent material that makes pee spray back off them in a bid to tackle public urination.

Quirky World: Toilet humour? Anti-pee wall paint sprays back

The walls have been coated with the clear liquid repellent material, which goes on much like paint. Any urine that hits the material sprays back on a person’s shoes and trousers.

Mohammed Nuru is director of the city’s public works department and calls himself Mr Clean.

He got the idea from St Pauli quarter in Hamburg, Germany, where walls are painted with the clear material to discourage late-night beer drinkers from urinating in alleyways.

It is San Francisco’s latest effort in its battle against public urination.

The city also has solar-powered rolling toilets in one neighbourhood and attendants manning public toilets to encourage people to use them.

Nice work if you can get it

SPAIN: British police sent to a Majorcan party hotspot have been posing for selfies and swimming in the sea, as tourists and workers complained they are there at the wrong time of year and work at the wrong time of day.

West Midlands Police officers Pc Martina Anderson and Sergeant Brett Williams were sent to Magaluf to help the Guardia Civil, but some have dismissed the move as a waste of money and a publicity stunt.

Bar and club staff said the officers had arrived too late as British visitors peak earlier in the season, and workers and holidaymakers alike said the police needed to work at night to have any effect.

The officers are patrolling tourist destinations such as the Punta Ballena strip — the night-life centre — as well as beaches and the airport to help British victims of crime and support their Spanish counterparts when Britons are offenders.

On Wednesday, they patrolled the resort but were also spotted in the sea having laid their towels on sunbeds at their four-star adults-only spa hotel.

The officers have been out in full British uniform working eight-hour shifts between 7am and 10pm.

But Cathie Wood, 46, from Nottingham, said the hours were “a joke”.

Ms Wood, who was visiting the holiday island for the third time this year, said: “People don’t even get out of their beds until midnight to come out and party. Where are they when they are partying and the trouble’s kicking off?

Wee-ly not nice


Michelle Rodriguez was pushed to her limit when Bear Grylls asked her to wee on a mouse carcass to make stock for a hideous broth.

The Fast And Furious star, 37, was appalled when the self-styled survival expert asked her: “Urine mouse soup — have you never had it?” as they filmed NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls together.

Grylls, 41, claimed that there “wasn’t enough water” to make a decent quantity of soup for their dinner, and asked Rodriguez to supplement their supplies with her urine.

According to the Daily Mail, the two had found a mouse in the Arizona desert and planned to eat it for dinner.

“I can pee, but I can tell you, you don’t want any of my pee,” Grylls explained. The Girlfight actress reluctantly went behind a rock and relieved herself into a cooking vessel.

As the two feasted on urine-stewed mouse intestines, Rodriguez pulled some seriously disgusted faces, while even Grylls had to admit he was sickened.

“I’ve finally found the thing that has broken me — mouse in somebody else’s urine,” he confessed as he forced down his dinner, adding that even “raw goat testicles” and “camel’s intestinal fluids” were more appetising.

Going to ground


One lucky groundhog might live to see another Groundhog Day thanks to authorities in eastern Pennsylvania.

The creature roaming Lehigh University wasn’t able to see its own shadow — or much of anything — because its head was stuck in a tin can.

Campus police were alerted by concerned onlookers. Officer Kevin O’Hay and Sgt. Eric Smith offered to help. A body camera recorded the encounter on Monday.

One officer tried unsuccessfully to take the can off the groundhog’s head. Eventually, the other officer used a long-armed grabber to hold the can while his partner gently pulled out the animal.

The groundhog scampered off across the grass.

Chief Ed Shupp said on Wednesday “the only disappointment was the furry little devil took off without saying thank you”.

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