’I glued myself to a crocodile’: Scientists recount #fieldworkfails

We like to think science is a clean, futuristic pursuit, done by men in white coats in immaculate labs. But sometimes - especially in biology - you’ve got to head out there and poke around in the field.

’I glued myself to a crocodile’: Scientists recount #fieldworkfails

It doesn't always go to plan.

Scientists have been sharing their disasters in the big bad real world with the #fieldworkfail hashtag, and boy, there are some disasters - from accidentally eating thingsto being stranded in a strange land.

'I glued myself to a crocodile'

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. She says she "came to the conclusion glue and crocodiles don't mix (wire transmitter attachment is probably the way to go)".

Yes. That would be better. In fact, poor Agata seems to have bad luck when it comes to crocodiles.

'I'm a scientist, not a crazy person'

Getting lost is a whole new problem:

And you can never find any good help, am I right?

Pro tip: Do not eat ANYTHING while performing science

Oh god. Sure, it's all protein, but.... oh god.

We're not sure whether we'd rather accidentally eat the leeches or deal with this problem:

Then, there's always the problem of being in a strange land:

This scene sound like it's straight from a sitcom:

Safety first!

Good grief. We should all have an appreciation for what these people put themselves through for the sake of science, right?

Check out other stories on the #fieldworkfail hashtag on Twitter, and give scientists a break. It's not all comfy lab chairs.

#fieldworkfail Tweets

H/T: BreakingNews.ie

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