Quirky World: Robber’s appetite for audacity takes the biscuit

USA: A man who was arrested for robbing a Pennsylvania bank when he stopped to eat biscuits at a nearby restaurant will spend two to four years in prison.

Quirky World: Robber’s appetite for audacity takes the biscuit

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Shane Lindsey, 32, of Arnold, was sentenced by a Westmoreland County judge after pleading guilty.

Lindsey was arrested about 20 minutes after he robbed the Citizens Bank in New Kensington on January 14. That is when witnesses saw a bald man matching Lindsey’s description run towards a restaurant after the heist. Police knew the business had surveillance video and went inside to view it, hoping for clues as to where the suspect went — only to find Lindsey there eating.

Police say Lindsey used the restaurant’s bathroom to discard a coat and hood he wore during the robbery.

Texting the walkers


A Utah university is giving students glued to their phones a place to call their own: A designated lane for texting while walking.

The neon green lanes painted on the stairs to the gym at Utah Valley University were intended as a lighthearted way to brighten up the space and get students’ attention, spokeswoman Melinda Colton said.

And it worked. A picture of the lanes — which divide the stairs into sections for runners, walkers, and texters — created widespread buzz on social media after it was posted online.

Though the lanes are limited to the school’s recreation centre, student Tasia Briggs, 22, said she wouldn’t mind seeing them catch on across campus.

“There’s nothing worse than walking behind someone who’s texting, and you can’t get around them and go anywhere,” Briggs said.

She added that smartphone messaging, whether through texts, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, is a big part of how her generation communicates, and it’s cool to see the college acknowledge it.

Helping make things worse


A man whose failed good Samaritan gesture landed him in jail is back behind bars.

Police in Wyoming County say Christopher Ratcliffe, aged 31, was trying to get donations for a non-existent foundation on June 8, the same day he tried to free a man whose leg was trapped under a ride-on mower.

Police say Ratcliffe attempted to free the man by pulling the mower with a rope attached to Ratcliffe’s vehicle. Ratcliffe drove forward instead of backward and knocked the man and mower over a 3.6m embankment. The mower landed on the man, who suffered minor injuries.

Ratcliffe was ticketed for an uninsured, uninspected and unregistered vehicle. Police say he was later caught with a bag of marijuana.

Dad’s hat-trick delivery


A football fan is celebrating a hat-trick after delivering each of his three children at home.

Rob Keeling, 40, sprang into action after partner Jodie Pointon warned the baby was coming — and she could not get to hospital in time for the birth.

He called 999 for advice, grabbed quilts and towels and successfully brought 3.3kg Billy into the world, the Stoke Sentinel reported.

Surprised ambulance call-handlers told Keeling to remember what he had done twice in the past.

Keeling has now delivered their three sons in the bathroom, bedroom, and lounge of their different homes in Fegg Hayes, Stoke-on-Trent.

“Even Peter Crouch has not got a hat-trick like this,” Keeling said.

Yellow-bellied vandals


Vandals have spray-painted a controversial Anish Kapoor sculpture in the garden of the palace of Versailles called ‘Dirty Corner’.

The huge 67m red metal work —resembling a gaping cavern — has been dubbed “vagina of the queen” by media, and was sprayed with yellow paint by unknown vandals. Versailles authorities say they have since cleaned it.

Kapoor told France’s Le Figaro that the vandalism “represents a certain intolerance that is appearing in France about art. The problem seems to be political.”

Tiger takes flight


When a six-year-old boy left behind his favourite stuffed animal at Tampa International Airport, officials took the toy on an adventure.

Owen Lake lost his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, earlier this month on his way to Houston. His mother, Amanda Lake, says she called the lost-and-found office but couldn’t retrieve the toy before the family left.

When airport officials found Hobbes, they took him on a tour of the airport and photographed his travels. Hobbes visited a control tower and a nearby pool, and met firefighters.

Officials put the images into a book they gave Owen when he returned home and was reunited with Hobbes.

Airport operations manager Tony D’Aiuto said he was inspired by a travelling gnome in the film Amelie.

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