Quirky World: Couple run on to runway in bid to board Ryanair plane

MALTA: An Italian couple ran out onto the tarmac of Malta’s international airport to stop a Ryanair jet from leaving for Italy without them, a Maltese court heard.

Matteo Clementi, 26, and Enrica Apollonio, 23, got stuck in traffic on their way to the airport on Wednesday. By the time they arrived, the gate was closed and they were not allowed on board, the Times of Malta has reported.

They went to the next gate, forced open a security door, ran to the apron and began signalling to the pilots to let them on the plane. The engines were running and the stairs had been removed.

The two were not allowed on board and were arrested by security staff.

Their defence counsel said it was Apollonio’s 23rd birthday. She had been looking forward to celebrating it with her family “but instead spent it in a cell”. The couple were fined €2,329.

Teed off


A dispute has been teed off between Switzerland’s ambassador to Venezuela and a neighbouring elite golf club, after a banner appeared at the diplomat’s residence warning that golf balls injuring or killing anyone inside would violate the Vienna Convention.

The large placard, located on the residence’s fence near the third of the Caracas Country Club’s 18 holes, begins by explaining that the residence is considered Swiss territory.

“Launching balls into this residence is a danger to whoever is within Swiss territory and a violation of the Vienna Convention if a golf ball injures or kills anyone on Swiss soil.”

Ambassador Sabine Ulmann said she had nothing to say on the matter. Her residence is located in a wealthy area of Caracas, alongside the official residences of many other European nations.

The private Caracas Country Club itself is one of Venezuela’s most elite hangouts. It was derided by late president Hugo Chavez, who described golf as a “bourgeois” sport.

The Venezuelan Federation of Golf said in a statement that it had read the sign with “astonishment”.

“We have no fear whatsoever that we are attacking Swiss territory should a golf ball land in embassy premises,” the statement read. It added that the sign appeared a “strange overreaction”.

Arrest me please


Authorities say a man drove under the influence of alcohol to a small-town Kentucky police station, where he requested that officers arrest him.

The Kentucky New Era reports that 26-year-old Christopher L Stewart drove to the station in Hopkinsville, near the Tennessee border, and slammed on his brakes, nearly hitting a police cruiser. The paper says he told police he had drunk a pint before driving to the station.

He was charged with driving under the influence.



A growing online craze among some fitness communities, fetishists, and chronic disease sufferers for buying and drinking human breast milk poses serious health risks, British experts said.

Writing in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, specialists said there was little evidence to support claims that the milk — which is traded via websites in a lucrative market for adult buyers — is some kind of super food that can boost health and fitness and ward off disease.

Claims that it even helps with erectile dysfunction and cancer have no clinical basis, they said.

On the contrary, the experts warned, raw and unpasteurised human breast milk bought online can expose consumers to many serious infectious diseases, including hepatitis, HIV, and syphilis.

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