QUIRKY WORLD ... Parking meter Robin Hoods on trail of traffic wardens

USA: A group of self-styled Robin Hoods have been feeding parking meters while trailing traffic wardens.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Parking meter Robin Hoods on trail of traffic wardens

New Hampshire’s highest court says the group is protected under the First Amendment but says the city of Keene has a right to pursue an injunction against them in the interest of safety.

City officials said they have no problem with the group paying the fees but want to protect parking enforcement officers from harassment and argued for a buffer zone. Some employees said they have been bumped and sworn at.

Sting in the tale


A giant venomous centipede has a new home in the UK after flying from Antigua in a Briton’s dirty washing.

Jennie Esler was unaware the Peruvian giant centipede — one of the largest of its kind in the world and toxic to humans — had crawled into her suitcase as she packed to return home to Bristol. The centipede has a new home at Bristol Zoo’s Bug World exhibit.

Esler had been staying at a house in English Harbour, a town on the Caribbean island, during a trip in April.

Telling porkies


A lawyer who wanted to enter his pet pig into the Flint mayoral race is calling off the effort.

Michael Ewing started the Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor campaign after learning that a mix-up by Flint’s clerk threatened to keep candidates’ names off the ballot.

Governor Rick Snyder signed a law allowing Flint’s mayoral election to proceed despite the error.

Ewing said a Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor Facebook page will now be used to share good news stories about Flint.

Pride of place


A lioness found in an ‘online date’ has set up home with a new partner in Edinburgh Zoo.

Asiatic lion Roberta arrived last October from Magdeburg Zoo in Germany but has only recently been introduced to male resident Jay as part of a breeding programme.

As an endangered species, an international project was set up to boost the number of Asiatic lions. Roberta and Jay were paired by experts due to their age and ancestry from a database that zookeepers compared to an online dating site.

Head scratcher


Plans for a museum in dedicated to bobblehead dolls are under way in Milwaukee.

Phil Sklar and Brad Novak have quit their jobs to start the museum and have already collected 4,000 bobbleheads of sports players, mascots, characters, and famous people. They hope to have 10,000 by the time they open next year.

A bobblehead museum already exists at Marlins Park, Miami, but its 700 figurines are all baseball players, mascots, and broadcasters.

Mule variations


Animal welfare officers called to an incident of donkey neglect were surprised to discover the creature was a life-sized garden ornament.

The Scottish SPCA is not sure if the caller was a practical joker or a short-sighted passer-by who thought the donkey was real.

The ornament, owned by Reverend Georgie Baxendale, has starred in several nativity plays over the years and is kept in her garden.

Ferry arrival


A Virginia couple’s baby was so eager to enter the world that she was born on a river ferry on the way to the hospital.

Kayla and Jonathan Cline’s daughter, Emmaleigh Jane, was born on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry on Wednesday.

Jonathan used a flashlight to illuminate the darkened interior of their truck as he delivered the baby with help from Virginia Department of Transportation employees.

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