QUIRKY WORLD ... ‘That’s something that happens in spy movies...’

USA: A Utah man got a surprise when he stopped to pull a large orange bag off the road, fearing it would become a traffic hazard.

QUIRKY WORLD ... ‘That’s something that happens in spy movies...’

The 34kg bag tumbled out of a truck driving in front of Dan Kennedy on Interstate 80. When he looked inside, he found stacks of cash. “I thought it was going to be light. I reached down to grab it, and I couldn’t move it,” Kennedy said.

Approximately 1.2m tall and 60cm wide, the sack was filled with smaller bags packed with currency, including $50 and $100 bills. Kennedy estimated each of the small bags contained $22,000 (€20,000). It was unclear how much money the entire bag contained.

Kennedy tried but failed to chase down the Brink’s armoured truck that had lost the bag. He then drove the money to his work parking lot and called the police.

Highway Patrol troopers were “stunned” at the bag of money, Kennedy said.

“Never in all my years have I heard of a bag of money bouncing out of the back of an armoured truck,” said trooper Brady Zaugg. “That’s something that happens in the spy movies.”

What a gem

USA: A Los Angeles judge has ruled a trial can go forward to determine ownership of an emerald weighing 380kg that was hauled out of a Brazilian mine more than a decade ago.

The 180,000-carat emerald is at the centre of a court battle between gem traders, miners, real estate tycoons, and others vying for the jewel once valued at €340m.

The latest claim to ownership came from the Brazil government, which wants the gem returned to its country of origin.

The Los Angeles Times reports Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson said this week a motion by Brazil lacked sufficient evidence to warrant halting the case.

The jewel, known as the Bahia Emerald, is one of the largest of its kind in the world.


ENGLAND: Gamers have been given a chance to have their say on some of the country’s best-known politicians — by using a pigeon to poop on them.

The Pigeon Poop app allows people to target party leaders as well as other prominent figures, such as shadow chancellor Ed Balls and London mayor Boris Johnson.

Over a series of levels, the player controls a pigeon wearing a rosette and attempts to poop on the head of the chosen political target.

Quite the beat

ENGLAND: Described as “quite possibly the most enviable policing post in the UK or even the world”, a new constable is being sought for the Isles of Scilly, located 45km off the south-west coast of England.

The islands are not renowned as a hotbed of crime. Crimes investigated by the officers recently include a goldfish found abandoned on the steps of the police station, a short-sighted horse vandalising cars, and a 50-year-old row over a shed.

A grave issue

USA: Perennial candidate Gatewood Galbraith died in 2012, but that might not stop his name from appearing on the 2015 ballot for Kentucky governor.

No, he’s not running from beyond the grave.

Terrill Wayne Newman, 68, of Pulaski County legally changed his name on Tuesday to Gatewood Galbraith before filing paperwork on Wednesday to run as an independent for the state’s highest office.

Newman said he doesn’t expect to be elected but, “I sure do hope this warms Gatewood’s grave”.

Galbraith ran for governor five times and gained a following for his wit and his stances on legalising hemp and marijuana.

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