A CD shattering in super, super slow-mo is very pretty

The SlowMoGuys have built an enormous YouTube empire out of their love of recording things in slow motion, but this one is especiallygreat.

A CD shattering in super, super slow-mo is very pretty

They bought a new camera - the fastest on they've ever had - and decided to see what it looks like when you spin a CD so fastthat the very material it's made from can't take the force any more.

Apparently, CDs have something called a "critical spin rate" of about 23,000 revolutions per minute.

And with a camera that takes 28,500 frames per second (a standard Hollywood movie plays back at 25fps), it's very, very pretty. And the device they use to spin the CD sounds like a warp drive.

They then up the camera's speed to much higher speeds at four minutes, and at 5:30, they record at 170,000 frames per second - which turned their four-second video into seven and a half hours of video.

Perhaps the most interesting bit is how the CD - something we tend to think of as solid objects - warps and ripples under the centrifugal force. You can see it at about 6:45 in the video, but it's fascinating stuff.

HT: breakingnews.ie

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