QUIRKY WORLD...Hairy situation: Man held for kicking hole in salon wall

USA:  A man who was unhappy with his haircut faces criminal charges after police say he became enraged and threw items around a Connecticut salon.

QUIRKY WORLD...Hairy situation: Man held for kicking hole in salon wall

Stamford Police Sgt Kelly Connelly says 47-year-old Alan Becker was angered further when he learned the trim he got was going to cost him $50 (€44).

Connelly says Becker kicked a hole in a salon wall, became hostile toward staff and customers, and threw a candle display and other items, then left.

Police say Becker returned later and demanded his hair be “fixed”, but the salon refused.

Authorities later arrested Becker on breach of peace and criminal mischief charges.

Baa baa biology


Dolly the sheep is to be honoured with a plaque as part of a project to celebrate heroes of biology.

The first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, she was born in 1996 and died in 2003. A blue plaque celebrating Dolly and the team who created her will be unveiled by the Society of Biology at The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, where she was created.

It is one of a new series of 10 celebratory plaques being unveiled by the Society of Biology to celebrate eminent but sometimes unsung heroes of the science.

For the chop


A plant that has been around for an unusually long 80 years has been put on the horticultural equivalent of death row.

The American agave completed its one-time-only flowering process last year at the University of Michigan’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens, and is now deemed to have served its purpose.

Horticulture manager Mike Palmer said the agave will have its 20ft (6m)-plus stalk chopped down some time in March, but some of the seeds it has produced will be used to grow a new agave.

Tops for taps


Hamilton, Ohio, has won the top tap water prize at an international tasting contest. Hamilton received the gold medal for Best Municipal Water at the 25th anniversary Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting in West Virginia.

Two entrants from Athens, Greece, also won gold medals. Fengari Platinum received the top prize for best bottled water, and Daphne-Ultra Premium Natural Mineral Sparkling won the gold medal for best sparkling water.

Great taste


Hoby Wedler was born blind and curious 27 years ago and he has used those two traits, along with a refined sense of smell and taste, to develop an expert palette that is garnering rave reviews in California’s wine region.

The Sacramento Bee reported that Mr Wedler’s monthly Tasting In The Dark series at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery is growing in popularity. Participants are blindfolded and asked to taste and judge wine like Mr Wedler does. ““Here’s somebody who’s blind, and he’s better at describing the wine than 99.9% of the winemakers out there.”

Yes it can


Officials in India want to make one thing clear: The tree US President Barack Obama planted in New Delhi three weeks ago is not dead. It just looks dead.

The peepal tree was awash in leaves when Obama planted it at a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. By Thursday, though, it was just a single lonely stem.

Its lack of leaves has been giving Indian officials sleepless nights, with the media there blasting them for allowing the tree to die less than a month after the presidential visit.

But the reality: Peepal trees often lose their leaves this time of year. It is expected to shoot again in the next 10 days.

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