Quirky World ... 100ft bratwurst tests skills of barbecue chefs

USA: About 50 people volunteered to carefully grill a 100ft bratwurst without burning or breaking it at a bar in Illinois.

Quirky World ... 100ft bratwurst tests skills of barbecue chefs

Silver Creek Saloon hosted the practice run on Tuesday to prepare for the city’s 200th anniversary celebration, where the volunteers will attempt to grill a 200ft-long bratwurst, the Belleville News-Democrat reported.

The Bicentennial Oktoberfest Weekend Celebration is set to be held from September 19-21 in downtown Belleville.

On Tuesday, Larry Schubert, who made the 60lb sausage, led the effort to unroll it onto a specially made 100ftt metal trough. Volunteers exercised more caution after practicing in August with a 50ft bratwurst that broke in several places because it was turned too quickly and the grill was too hot. Organisers walked around to inspect and fix splits in the meat.

A nearby baking company will make a 200ft-long bun to go with the bratwurst when it’s grilled at the community event on September 21.

Donations will be collected from people who want to eat a piece of the bratwurst. Proceeds will benefit local food pantries.

BRITAIN: A 100-year-old bus has been converted into a First World War ‘battle bus’ which will tour battlefields.

London buses played a vital role in the Great War, with more than 1,000 of them operating on the front lines transporting troops. The converted bus is a 1914 B-type which has been stripped of adverts and signage and has had its windows boarded up and its body painted in khaki wartime colours.

The conversion work is in its final stages at the London Transport Museum.

USA: Authorities have arrested a California man they say stole the same Ferrari — twice.

Earnie Hooks, of Los Angeles, was arrested last week behind the wheel of the $250,000 (€193,000) car, the Riverside Press-Enterprise said. Court records said he has pleaded not guilty to car theft and resisting police.

Police in Fontana, 80km east of LA, say they stopped Hooks at a drink-driving checkpoint on August 29 and discovered that the black 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider he was driving had been reported stolen. Police claim Hooks drove away from the checkpoint and later abandoned the car, which was impounded. But at around 3am the next morning, someone stole it from the impound lot. Hooks was arrested five days later while driving the Ferrari.

USA: A Utah ape who gained fame by accurately predicting the Super Bowl winner for seven consecutive years has died.

The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City announced that the 24-year-old orangutan named Eli died from complications due to breast cancer. He was diagnosed with the cancer in 2011 and had two surgeries to remove masses. Recently, he lost his appetite and appeared to be uncomfortable. He died during an exploratory procedure.

He made his Super Bowl pick each year by choosing between papier-mâché helmets or goal posts with team logos.

INDIA: In a world first, researchers have managed brain-to-brain transmission of information between humans.

They sent messages from India to France — a distance of 8,000km— without the necessity of surgery on the volunteer patients.

There were four participants, aged 28 to 50.

One was assigned to a brain-computer screen to ‘transmit’ the thought, while the three others were asked to ‘receive’ the thought.

The first participant, in India, was shown the words translated into binary code, and had to envision actions for each piece of information.

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