QUIRKY WORLD ... Give us this day our daily prayer to Chavez


QUIRKY WORLD ... Give us this day our daily prayer to Chavez

Venezuela’s Roman Catholic Church is denouncing the use of the socialist leader’s name in an “untouchable” prayer.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro defends it, and calls critics “new inquisitors”.

The back and forth started when socialist party delegate Maria Estrella Uribe read the prayer at a party convention.

“Our Chavez who art in heaven,” she began, continuing, “lead us not into the temptation of capitalism.”

Chavez’s legacy has taken on a religious glow in Venezuela since the leader’s death last year. Rosaries adorned with Chavez’s face, shrines and images depicting him with a Christian cross have become commonplace. Followers often say they believe Chavez was on a divine mission.

The Venezuela Catholic Church released a statement calling the Lord’s Prayer “untouchable, saying it “is the archetypal prayer for Christians around the world, and comes from the very lips of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Maduro defended Uribe’s modification, and said she was being targeted by new inquisitors who wanted to turn her humble prayer into a sin.


US: Governor Jack Markell got schooled on the workings of social media after his office mistakenly tweeted a racy photo of a model while publicising a public education initiative.

Markell announced more than $5m (€3.8m) in state funding to help turn around six struggling Wilmington schools that are the lowest-performing district schools in the state.

While using an online social networking system to compose a tweet about the announcement with a photo, a Markell staff member inadvertently deleted part of the photo link.

The result was a photo that apparently was posted in 2010 by a model who goes by the name “Precious Little”.

Markell’s office deleted the tweet and apologised for the error, saying it would have been nice if the accidental link had been to a cat video.


ENGLAND: “Britain’s biggest band” has performed on a beach to break the world record for the largest group of guitarists playing together.

More than 3,000 people took part in the Guitars On The Beach event in Lyme Regis, Dorset, led by Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan.

Organiser Geoff Baker told the BBC: “The whole town got involved. The local mackerel fishermen went out on their boats and when Ian Gillan played ‘Smoke on the Water’ they released smoke grenades, so there was literally smoke on the water.”


ENGLAND: Roger Moore has described how an accident on a Bond set once left him with a burning bottom.

The actor told BBC Radio 4 the mis-timed explosion happened during the filming of The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977, adding: “I was seriously on fire and it was terrible pain. I had to go to the sister every day and have Vaseline dressings changed on my rear end.”

Director John Glen said: “At a certain time the special-effects man was to make the explosion. But he mistimed it and it finished up with Roger running around the set with his trousers alight.”


US: A couple exchanged marriage vows atop a Miami hotel before abseiling down the high-rise building along with hundreds of others for a charity fundraiser.

Melissa Lopez and Chris Cruz won a contest to ‘rappel’ down the JW Marriott Marquis. Before the couple said “I do” dozens of others abseiled down the building, including Emmy Award-winner Joe Morton from the TV show Scandal.

The event was open to the general public, for people who raised at least $1,500.

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