QUIRKY WORLD... Loo tours create a splash in London

BRITAIN: A quirky London walking tour takes visitors around the capital’s most interesting toilets.

QUIRKY WORLD... Loo tours create a splash in London

The London Loo Tour is run by American Rachel Erickson who was inspired by her frustration at not being able to go to the loo for free.

Erickson now takes curious loo finders from all over the world and guides them around a variety of toilets and areas relating to sewerage history in the capital.

The tour starts at the toilets by platform 19 at the aptly named Waterloo Station and takes several hours.

It can accommodate up to 20 guests but also offers private tours.

Weaving through the streets, walkers visit such locations as the “Juba-loos” on the South Bank, day urinals for men and pop-up urinals in Charing Cross.

Also on the agenda is a stop at a lamp near to the Savoy hotel which was powered by gas from London’s sewage system almost a century ago.

The walk concludes at the end of the Strand at underground toilets once regularly frequented by Oscar Wilde that have now been converted into a cocktail bar.

USA: A California man hooked the catch of a lifetime while on vacation in Alaska.

The Orange County Register reports 76-year-old Jack McGuire of Santa Ana caught a 482-pound Pacific halibut.

McGuire struggled for 40 minutes before the giant fish was reeled in.

His catch outweighs the 459-pound Pacific halibut caught in Alaska in 1996 that is the world record, but it doesn’t meet International Game Fish Association regulations.

The halibut was shot, then harpooned before it was brought aboard the boat, disqualifying the catch from being considered for a world record.

McGuire was on a week-long fishing trip near Glacier Bay with his three children when he caught the 95-inch-long fish.

He says the boat captain shot the giant fish to keep it from flopping around and hurting someone. He applauded the decision, even if it contributed to him not getting the record.

ITALY: Apples can increase levels of sexual arousal in women, according to a new scientific study.

A report in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, says a survey of 731 Italian women found those who ate between one and two apples a day had better sex lives.

The women, aged 18 to 43, were separated into two sections — one group who never ate apples and another who had between one and two apples a day.

Researchers asked the women — with no other sexual problems — to complete a Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) questionnaire measuring sexual function, sexual frequency, orgasm, lubrication and overall sexual satisfaction.

The results showed “daily apple use is associated with higher FSFI scores in sexually active female patients, thus increasing their lubrication and overall sexual function”.

Researchers said this could be because apples contain polyphenols and antioxidants — like red wine and chocolate — which can stimulate blood flow to the genitalia, boosting arousal.

Apples are also high in phloridzin, which is structurally similar to the female sex hormone estradiol.

USA: Federal agents inspecting a couple’s belongings at an Arizona entry port on the US-Mexico border found two live parrots hidden inside an Elmo doll.

The Customs and Border Protection says agriculture specialists found the birds on July 1.

The customs officials cut open the doll when an X-ray revealed that there was something unusual about the contents.

The seized birds were placed in quarantine and transferred to a Department of Agriculture holding facility, while the couple were fined $300.

The border agency says birds entering the country are regulated because they can carry viral and bacterial diseases.

us: The outfit Lone Ranger actor Clayton Moore wore when making appearances as the character after retiring from TV has sold for $195,000 (€145,000).

The Waco, Texas-based, A & S Auction Company said the outfit was sold yesterday.

Moore, who died in 1999, played the masked lawman on The Lone Ranger from 1949 to 1957.

The auction house says that after retiring from television, Moore made appearances in character at events including fairs. His outfit included a powder-blue shirt and pants, red kerchief, Stetson hat, boots, gun belt and Colt pistols. The outfit spent more than a decade in the collection of a late Texas businessman.

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