Quirky World ... First baby sloth born in London Zoo

England: A pair of sloths have speeded up their usual slow dating game to produce London Zoo’s first baby sloth.

Quirky World ... First baby sloth born in London Zoo

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo were surprised to discover two-toed sloth Marilyn was pregnant, as they were unaware she had mated with male partner Leander, who arrived from Germany in 2012 to be paired with her.

Staff at the zoo had no idea they had even acknowledged each other.

Two-toed sloths have been known to take nearly a decade to form a pair bond and breed but, including an estimated 11-month pregnancy, it appears Marilyn and Leander took a mere six months to successfully mate.

USA: A man smacked an ice cream van driver with a fudge bar in a dispute over change after his daughter bought the frozen treat.

The ice cream seller told police in Rock Hill, southern Carolina, that the man accused her of not giving his daughter correct change — and that was when the fudge bar was allegedly employed as a weapon.

Officers who responded to the call reported that they saw a red mark on the driver’s arm. The driver gave officers a description of the man and the white truck he used for a getaway vehicle. The police report did not say whether he took the fudge bar with him.

USA: A Detroit-area woman, a member of a select group of the living to have been born in the 19th century, was celebrating a birthday yesterday.

Jeralean Talley, who was born on May 23, 1899, went fishing last year and still gets around on her own with the help of a walker.

She plans to celebrate with family and friends at a local church tomorrow.

On her actual birthday, Jeralean went to the doctor for a checkup, although she says she doesn’t feel sick. But her knees occasionally hurt, her right hand shakes, she has a hard time hearing, and her memory comes and goes.

Her answer as to why she has lived so long hasn’t changed over the years. “It’s all in the good Lord’s hands,” she told the Detroit Free Press. “There’s nothing I can do about it.”

ENGLAND: Two-thirds of football World Cup viewers will be glued to up to three screens during each match, a survey has predicted.

Of the 92% of soccer fans set to tune in, 63% will be using multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones at the same time, the poll of 2,002 adults by Opinium Research for John Lewis found.

USA: A sculpture of a man sleepwalking in his pants which has provoked some concern on an all-female college campus has been vandalised.

The fibreglass sculpture — entitled Sleepwalker — was defaced with yellow paint on its face, left arm, left leg, and a foot. It was one of several properties at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, to be vandalised, and campus authorities are investigating.

The statue is part of a larger exhibit by Tony Matelli at a campus museum, and is due to remain on campus until July.

USA: Police in southern Oregon held an unlikely suspect overnight — a well-behaved black bear cub.

Police Chief Don Brown said a teenage boy and his parents took the cub to the police station in a large plastic storage bin after the boy found the cub whimpering in the bushes outside his house. He said the mother bear was nowhere in sight.

Mr Brown said it could have been risky to pick up the cub because the mother bear could have spotted him and attacked, but the 12lb female cub was “very well-behaved” while spending the night at the station. Wildlife department officials are searching for the missing mother.

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