Will 'Sellotape selfies' stick around or wrap up quickly?

Another day, another selfie phenomenon. No make-up selfies are set to be replaced by something very strange. A new craze where people wrap Sellotape around their faces has been gaining momentum on social media sites.

Will 'Sellotape selfies' stick around or wrap up quickly?

The 'Sellotape Selfies' Facebook page encourages fans to create their own gruesome faces using sticky tape and post them on the page. Others are then nominated to share their embarrassing “sellofies” as well.

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic is just one famous face to be taped and posted online, and he roped in entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins for the photo too.

The trend was started by Brighton University student Lizzie Durley. It has attracted over 100,000 likes on Facebook in the past two days.

Lizzy said: "I got the idea from Jim Carrey's office scene in 'Yes Man'. I was having a bad day and remembered that scene from the film which really tickled me.

Jim Carrey in a scene from 'Yes Man'

Pictures people have posted on the 'Sellotape Selfies' page

"I figured people were getting bored of the whole 'selfie' craze, I know I was, so I just applied the concepts of the selfie and the nomination to this idea and bosh, sellotape selfies."

While ‘no make-up selfies’ have so far raised over €200,000 for cancer research in Ireland, it is unclear whether ‘Sellotape selfies’ will produce similar results for a charitable cause.

UK charity braintrust are urging those who take part in the new trend to donate to them when they share a picture.

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