QUIRKY WORLD ... A daily look at some of the world’s stranger stories

€7.28m for former wife asked to be housekeeper in new relationship

QUIRKY WORLD ... A daily look at some of the world’s stranger stories

ENGLAND: A businessman worth millions installed another woman into his home and asked his partner of 30 years if she would stay on as a housekeeper, a High Court judge heard.

The man, who has interests in a portfolio of property in London, could not understand why his partner “through her lawyers” became “so aggressive”, said Mr Justice Bodey.

Details emerged as the partner was awarded more than £6m (€7.28m) by the judge after the couple fought over money at a London hearing.

Mr Justice Bodey ruled that she was entitled to nearly half of a “kitty” containing more than £13m. The judge had analysed arguments over how much the partner should get, following the breakdown of the relationship, at a private trial in the Family Division of the High Court. He said his judgment could be reported, but said the couple, from London, could not be identified.

Mr Justice Bodey said the man was in his 70s and the partner in her 50s.

They married in the late 1970s and divorced in the 1990s. But the judge said they treated the divorce as “just a piece of paper” and carried on living together.


INDIA: India’s top entry at the Winter Olympics in Sochi has said not being able to compete under the national flag because of a political row will not hit his performance.

Luge competitor Shiva Kesavan said in his “heart and mind” he is competing for India and that support from Indians around the world is enough to push him forward.

The Indian Olympic Association was banned in 2012 for not keeping to its own constitution, so the Indian flag will not be used at the Games.

ENGLAND: A Metrolink station was closed while police investigated CCTV footage of a man holding bags which appeared to be dripping blood.

Trams were not stopping at the station in Princess Parkway, Manchester, while officers searched for the man following reports of blood in the lift. The man was later found and revealed he had suffered a burst blood vessel in his leg.


USA: Nearly six decades after his death, Chicago crimefighter and “Untouchables” leader Eliot Ness is still so admired that Illinois’s two senators want to name a federal building after him in Washington DC.

But a Chicago alderman hopes to convince them to drop the idea. Ed Burke said a recent Capone biography indicates that Ness was just a “Hollywood myth”. The senators want to put Ness’s name on the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives headquarters.


ENGLAND: Short people “got no reason to live” sang Randy Newman — and research suggests being vertically challenged really can impair a person’s quality of life.

Scientists at Oxford University used virtual reality technology to reduce the height of volunteers travelling on a computer-simulated Tube train by 10in (25cm).

The experience of being shorter increased reports of negative feelings, such as being incompetent, dislikeable or inferior.

It also heightened levels of mistrust, fear and paranoia. Height-reduced participants were more likely to think someone else in the virtual train carriage was deliberately staring, thinking badly about them, or trying to cause distress.

Rattled by rumours, casino says it is snake-free

USA: A casino is trying to dispel a bizarre online rumour: The Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem says patrons aren’t being bitten by snakes.

Casino spokeswoman Julia Corwin said that there have been no reported snake encounters at the Sands. She says if there were snakes, the critters would have been captured by the casino’s sophisticated surveillance cameras.

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