Police search for severed head and limbs of British teen in Brazil

BRAZILIAN police were searching yesterday for the head, arms and legs of a British teenager whose grisly murder, allegedly by her Brazilian boyfriend, has shocked Brazil and Britain.

Authorities say Cara Marie Burke, aged 17, from London, was stabbed to death by Mohamed D’Ali Carvalho dos Santos, 20, last weekend in his apartment in Goiania, central Brazil.

Santos then allegedly cut up her body, putting the torso in a suitcase that was found on Tuesday near a river in the town.

The head and limbs were put in a bag that was thrown in a drain 32km away.

The website of the Brazilian news group Globo said Santos was to be taken to that site yesterday to help police with their search.

Police said Santos, who was arrested on Thursday, confessed to the crime.

His mobile telephone allegedly contained images of the girl’s cut-up body.

Brazilian officials said Santos told them he killed Burke because she threatened to reveal to his family, living in London, and to police that he consumed and dealt drugs.

However, some media cited police saying Santos murdered the girl because she dashed his plans to marry her in order to get a visa to live in Britain.

A Goiania newspaper, Hoje Noticia, said it interviewed Santos, and he told them he felt nothing when he cut up the girl.

“Nothing. It was like cutting up beef. Except it smelt of blood,” the paper quotes.

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