Mother tells of sleeping triplets despite bombing

A BRITISH mother of five-month-old triplets described yesterday how her babies slept through the bombings in Lebanon before they were evacuated.

Elise Mazegi, 32, from Brighton, arrived in Cyprus this morning after sailing for 11 hours from Beirut.

In her care were Isabella, Yasmin and Joey, as well as her three-year-old son Dany.

Speaking after stepping off HMS Gloucester, she said: “I’m exhausted but I’m very glad to be out.

“The trip was long but it was okay, the babies slept most of the time.

“The crew on the ship were amazing, they really helped me out a lot.

“I’m looking forward to going back to Brighton, I just want to go home.”

Ms Mazegi’s ordeal began last autumn when, while visiting her sister in Lebanon, she found out that she was pregnant with triplets.

Doctors advised her not to travel and she had the babies on February 15 this year, one month premature.

Her 36-year-old husband Fadi, a businessman, has still not seen the latest additions to his family.

When the bombing started last week, Ms Mazegi desperately hoped that it would not last.

“I thought it would only be a few days but it was getting worse and I didn’t know what to do.”

She contacted the Foreign Office who made her a priority case.

While living at her sister’s in Beirut she heard the Israeli planes flying overhead and saw the strikes.

“I could hear the shelling, it shook the house. I could see the planes going over.”

Throughout the whole time, she said, her babies slept peacefully.

Yesterday, she received word a ship was waiting to take her and others to Cyprus.

In order to reach the port, she had to take a taxi with the children through the streets of Beirut.

“I was really, really frightened getting in to that taxi and making that journey.”

But the family made it safely and were cared for by the sailors on the ship.

“I did not sleep at all as I was terrified they were going to fall out of the bed but the crew were fantastic, they kept offering to help.”

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