Man finds severed finger in ice cream

A MAN who ordered a pint of frozen chocolate custard in a US shop got a nasty surprise inside — a piece of severed finger lost by an employee in an accident.

Delaware state officials are trying to determine how a worker cut off part of his finger and how the severed piece wound up in the customer's ice cream at a shop that was cleared by the state after a similar accident last July.

Clarence Stowers said he bought the ice cream at the Kohl's shop on Sunday and opened it at home. He saw an object in the custard and put it in his mouth, thinking it was a piece of candy.

Mr Stowers said he spat the object out, but still couldn't identify it. He went to his kitchen, rinsed it off with water and "just started screaming."

Unlike a recent incident at a Wendy's restaurant in California, no questions about Mr Stowers's honesty have been raised.

Officials of the state departments of agriculture and labour went to the shop to investigate Monday, and the shop's owner confirmed that one of his employees lost part of a finger in an accident with a food-processing machine.

Last July, another Kohl's employee accidentally severed an index finger on the same machine.

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