Cattrall talking about sex of a different kind

ACTRESS Kim Cattrall was in London yesterday to talk about sex — not Sex and the City, the TV show that made her a household name, but about her new book Sexual Intelligence.

The subject matter is not new to Cattrall, 49, who wrote another book about sex Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm in 2002.

"Sexual Intelligence is almost like a prequel to Satisfaction," says Cattrall, who is a partner in Fertile Ground Productions, which produced the book and the documentary.

"Sexual Intelligence," she says, attempts to explain why and how men and women feel sexual desire and how world culture and nature influence our impulses and attitudes toward sex.

The full-colour book includes numerous photos of classic paintings and sculptures that celebrate the human body. Cattrall's role is that of a tour guide, setting the scene for discussions about sexual attraction, fantasies, taboos and physical chemistry.

For the project, Cattrall travelled to the ancient streets of Pompeii, where sexually explicit art was commonplace; to the erotic Secret Museum in Naples; to Dorset, England, where there is a 2,000-year-old earthwork figure of a naked man; and the beaches of Cyprus, where the love goddess Aphrodite is said to have been born.

"To stand on the beach where Aphrodite, 5,000 years ago, came out of the waves... there was something quite spiritual about it," Cattrall says.

She hopes the book and documentary will enlighten people and teach them something about themselves and their relationships.

"I feel like we're putting this warm light on it, this glow on it. Not a searchlight, which is too scary, and it's not a candle so you don't see clearly enough, but just a nice warm glow of sensuality and sexuality."

And people struggling with understanding their sexuality, she says, should know "you really aren't alone. We're all searching; we're all trying to find the answers."

Her personal life also is keeping her busy. She is dating 26-year-old chef Alan Wyse.

"Seeing someone much younger than me was totally unexpected," she says. "But it's going very well."

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