Woman tells of incest with murder suspect

Juliana BarbassaFresno

Pressed by the prosecution in Fresno, California, Kiani Wesson, Marcus Wesson's 27-year-old daughter and the mother of two of his murdered children, reluctantly went over her diary. Haggard and with her voice breaking, she confirmed on her second day on the stand that she had written passages describing the relationship she, her sisters and female cousins had with Marcus Wesson.

The girls would turn over their earnings to Marcus Wesson, sit in his lap, wash his hair, and even scratch his armpits when he asked a disturbing combination of father-daughter relations and the intimacy of lovers which had jurors turning away in disgust and, at times, laughing nervously.

"He would just ask us to do it," Kiani Wesson said, when questioned aggressively by prosecutor Lisa Gamoian about the intimate contact the girls in the household had with the defendant.

Marcus Wesson denies nine counts of murder and 14 counts of sexually abusing his daughters and nieces. Testimony by women raised in his household indicated the victims were Marcus Wesson's children with his wife, Elizabeth Wesson, or children he had with daughters and nieces he raised.

Although two of the youngest victims, Illabelle, eight, and Jeva, one, were Kiani Wesson's daughters, she has stood by her father, telling reporters outside the courtroom that no one understands him, and that the murders were not his fault.

"I love you, my Daddy, always know that. I am deeply in love with you. I will never leave you," Kiani Wesson wrote in a diary passage read in court.

Kiani Wesson's defence of her father may help the prosecution show the patriarch's control over his large clan was so complete that they would have agreed to kill each other if the family unit were threatened.

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