Terrace Talk: You forget to enjoy football sometimes

“Ha ha, see you’re down to a fab three now”…is that so?

Terrace Talk: You forget to enjoy football sometimes

Tell previous generations we scored four against Manchester City at Anfield but were hanging on by the end they’d strap on the electrodes, lock you up and throw the key away.

In 2018 tis but a shrug. The beta blocker company secretly sponsoring the Reds is getting its money’s worth anyway. I feel genuinely ill right now.

Been a weird week. With Coutinho gone Liverpool tried to get Keita early. After years of turning transfers into melodramas, we can’t do otherwise even with a player we’ve already bought.

Journalists got this “interesting target” crap snowballing to help us enjoy the rest of January. Thanks ever so.

They know, but they’ve been sworn to secrecy; how convenient. Not too secret to make hints, obviously. Who is it, then? Sanchez? Ozil? Lady Gaga?

Coutinho sent the obligatory saccharin farewell message. It’s reassuring to see Liverpool fans reach the stage where he’s bluntly told where he can stick that. Sideways with the staples sticking out, preferably.

Barcelona are already claiming they aren’t paying what’s been reported, the utter snides. Mas que un club, eh?

Of course I know what Southampton fans think of our ire. Accepting modern football’s a putrid swamp gets you through the day without the Exorcist head-spinning/projectile vomiting the innocents must go through.

Everton are still yelping away in the background, now their new stadium’s being funded with a loan off the council.

This horrendous white elephant’s been mentioned before of course in various other locales, so there are few concerns. Yet.

They’re Everton. They f*** up. It’s what they do. Levelling the rest of the city around them seems a bit kamikaze, like.

I live under a different council so I’m not worried. Just means I’ll have to visit the old place like Kurt Russell gliding into New York.

Their latest messiah can’t even speak without inflaming a race row with Lukaku; ironic given what they’re asking us to believe about Firmino.

There’s an uneasy silence over him and Holgate.

When deciding to charge someone the FA are usually superfast on such eggshell-treading issues.

Paranoia fuels an assumption they’re cooking up something but it’s not fair on either player as the internet does its ugly business on both.

And yes, there was a game too. City are miles ahead so no-one’s really mentioned closing the gap.

Bit galling they’re already being handed a decade of domination.

Liverpool and United had to actually, y’know, win lots of stuff to be spoken of in such hagiographic tones.

Ah well, you can only watch a match like that in wonder. The Premier League should hire Anfield out to everyone yet to play City because that’s the only way you’re stopping them – with our hoodoo.

Oxlade-Chamberlain practically glowed in the brighter post-Coutinho spotlight, Mane’s mojo returned and Salah thought he’d test himself from distance because it’s all getting too easy.

Firmino’s goal was the best. Anyone replicating Fowler’s goal at OId Trafford, when he shrugged off Neville and dinked it past but hardly over Schmeichel, really shouldn’t be asked about his suitability as a striker ever again.

Anfield got its wish and sent Sterling scurrying, inept angry and ineffectual.

His replacement Silva almost turned the game on its head. Careful what you wish for.

By the way, where’s THAT Wijnaldum been all season? We’ll moan about Karius, the defence (Robertson aside) and late energy levels another time.

You forget to enjoy football sometimes, and that match was fantastic. Booing the other team just for having the ball? That was old school.

People said you can get at City and we’ve proved that. It also showed why no game is ever over.

Yes, it’s us and we do make a habit of such near-calamities.

So what? If you’re not on your knees thanking the Lord you support this club right now, then why not?

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