Cork Con waiting on O'Gara fitness

Cork Constitution are still waiting to hear if Ronan O'Gara will be available to join the likes of Mick O'Driscoll and Jim Williams for the trip to UL-Bohemians, who have been hit by hip injuries to captain Aidan O'Gorman and centre Coleman Finn.

Cork Constitution are still waiting to hear if Ronan O'Gara will be available to join the likes of Mick O'Driscoll and Jim Williams for the trip to UL-Bohemians, who have been hit by hip injuries to captain Aidan O'Gorman and centre Coleman Finn.

With Reggie Corrigan out for six to eight weeks, the Irish and Leinster managements will be keeping a close eye on Belfield where Emmet Byrne may play some part for St Mary's College.

If he doesn't start, the likely option would be Brian Moran as Peter Coyle has been experiencing back spasms.

Connacht's Mark McHugh (thigh) and Leinster's Gavin Hickie (concussion) have both been selected. UCD welcome back captain David Blaney, but full back Darren McKenna and second row Conor Davis are both doubtful.

League leaders Clontarf, on an eight game unbeaten run, have lost Conor Mahony and Mike Walls to injury to be replaced by Daire Higgins and Ronan O'Reilly, respectively, for their journey to Carlow, who will give out-half Billy Murphy and back rower Daniel Mallon every chance to prove their fitness.

Blackrock College openside Tom O'Donohue has undergone an operation on his finger. He will be out for the foreseeable future. A minor knock on the knee looks like ruling out David Quinlan too at home to Shannon.


BUCCANEERS (v Dungannon): N O'Hara; T Robinson, D Yapp, W Wallace, W Munn; L Turner, C Keane; R McCormack, J McVeigh, M Cahill, R Frost, N Smullen, G Schoeman, E Brennnan, C Rigney.

CARLOW (v Clontarf): M Logue; M Buckley, R Armstrong, M Swetman, I Dwyer; D Van Zyl, A N Other; P Brennan, C Gee, L Hannon, L McGowan, R Sherriff, D Cox, M Cooke, A Melville.

CLONTARF: D O'Shea; N O'Brien, D O'Higgins, J Downey, O Winchester; D Hewitt, R O'Reilly; W O'Kelly, B Jackman, A Clarke, A Wood, B Gissing, A Dignam, D Quinn, D Moore.

ST MARY'S COLLEGE (v UCD): M McHugh; C McPhillips, K Lewis, G Gannon, J McWeeney; B Lynn, S Keogh; AN Other, G Hickie, D Clare, J Ryan, G Logan, E Keane, S Jennings, C Potts.


BALLYNAHINCH (v DLSP): J Cullen; G Kyle, D Cantley, W Williams, S Seymour; D Callaghan, R Erwin; T Morton, B Leslie, L Johnston, G Rourke, J Gunson, A Ward, D Dougherty, N McCordick.

GREYSTONES (v Sunday's Well): R Spillane; E O'Brien, C McNaughton, K Shepherd; B Keegan, E Toolan; L Murphy, R Willis, M Phelan, C McGuckian, N Megannety, D McGettigan, R Connolly, N Beuck.

UCC (v Midleton): P O'Brien; R Lane, C O'Sullivan, K Lucey, P Hurley; C Quaid, F Murphy; F Gately, J Rothwell, M Barrett, A Laffin, D Harty, M Cosgrave, D Leamy, S Keogh.

DOLPHIN (v Bective Rangers): M Pettman; S O'Halloran, B O'Neill, M Manning, D Keeshan; J Purcell, D O'Mahony; E Knowles, D O'Farrell, J O'Sullivan, R McGrath, D Pomeroy, S Madigan, D Murphy, J Coughlan.

MIDLETON: D Hurley; K Wall, B Morris, D Smyth, K Barry; J Holland, D Urlich; P Smyth, D Lee, K Brierly, M Cullinane, A McCarthy, S Buckley, B O'Connell, M O'Connell.


WANDERERS (v Ballina): S Bowen; D O'Sullivan, G Murphy, D O'Keeffe, C Boyd; T Sampson, C Finnane; A Ellison, B Cantrell, D Hanlon, T Magee, P McCarthy, J Dalton, J Charlie, N Culliton.

BALLINA: G Peterson; D Brady, D Newman, A N Other, L Brady; C Anderson, P Jennings; A N Other, B Barrett, C Kinsey, A Moss, M Sheehan, C Moore, J Ruane, G Frith.

BANBRIDGE (v Highfield): D Soper; A Waugh, C Crawford, A Finney, T Sneddon; S Wilson, M Chambers; J Nelson, A Stewart, G Jelly, J Poole, S Nelson, J Cromie, M Waugh, C Bickerstaff.

HIGHFIELD: B Roche; R O'Donovan, J Gleeson, P Matson, M Hayden; W Jervis, B Quinlan; A Bohane, B O'Brien, R Bogue, J Stephenson, G Holland, C Crowley, A Gleeson, T Ryan.

WATERPARK (v Derry): G Conway; M O'Grady, B Liddy, D Cruickshank, M Williams; C Stunnell, J Gallagher; P Murphy, K Taylor, C Condon, J Duffy, P McGovern, N Power, J Dickson, G Tuohy.

CITY of DERRY: A Brolly; C Mitchell, D Hunter, A Tosh, S Mckinney; S Smyth, R Spee; P Gault, J Mitchell, J Allen, B Prue, D Wetherall, M Black, S Sims, P McFeely.

QUB (v Old Wesey): T Bowe; P Gray, K Donaghy, A Holmes, J McDonald; G Steenson, D Spence; G Weir, R Hall, S Shawe, A Cartmill, J Martin, R Lucas, D Hall, R Young.

SKERRIES (v Connemara): M Connolly; E Caraher, G Early, P Tanner, D Keane; C Keane, G Duff; P O'Connor, P Grimes, K Rooney, K Dowling, C O'Shea, N Walsh, J Sherlock, P Butler.

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