Leaders Clontarf take on UL/Bohs

AIB League leaders Clontarf travel to Limerick for their clash with UL Bohemians on Saturday while second placed Ballymena have home advantage over fourth placed Shannon.

AIB League leaders Clontarf travel to Limerick for their clash with UL Bohemians on Saturday while second placed Ballymena have home advantage over fourth placed Shannon.

Clontarf will be without their captain Warren O'Kelly who was injured against Blackrock and his place will be taken by Tommy Kearns.

At Moher Road, St Mary's, possibly including Nathan Spooner, Peter Coyle and Gavin Hickie, could face a Buccaneers side laced with contracted players while Shannon's squad includes James Blaney, Eddie Halvey and Colm McMahon.

David Wallace (Garryowen) and Rob Henderson (Young Munster) are expected to take some part in their respective club's games.

Blackrock College will be without second row John Fitzgerald and centre Michael Jackson at home to Lansdowne.

Louis McGowan comes into the Carlow second row in place of Pat Holden for the visit of Dungannon.

Terenure College will wait to see if full back Shane Cullen, wing Clinton Hall and prop Jim Nolan can shake off niggling injuries as Galwegians, hoping to have Gavin Duffy and Marnus Uijs on board, make their way to Lakelands Park.

UCD will be without Brendan McGeever and Louis Burke. But, Leinster's Des Dillon and Brian O'Riordan and Connacht's Shane Moore will line out against Cork Con at Belfield.



BLACKROCK COLLEGE (v Lansdowne): B Carey/C Kilroy; B Carey/ D Quigley, G Brown, A N Other, J Harty; E Farrell, B Willis; A McSweeney, G Van Der Vyver, M Cuffe, M Gilbride, M Carroll, R Rogers, T Donoghue, T Mannana/G McCarthy.

LANSDOWNE: B O'Mahony; J Smith, A Magro, K Kennedy, F Baynes; M Leek, S Whelan; E Bohan, R Fallon, A McKeen, S O'Connor, B Cusack, J O'Donovan, N Ronan, S Rooney.

BUCCANEERS (v St Mary's College): N O'Hara; J Meagher, D Yapp, W Wallace, T Robinson; L Turner, C Keane; R McCormack, J McVeigh, M Cahill, R Frost, N Smullen, G Schoeman, E Brennnan, C Rigney.

CARLOW (v Dungannon): M Logue; M Buckley, R Armstrong, M Swetman, I Dwyer; D Van Zyl, L Peavoy; P Brennan, C Gee, L Hannon, L McGowan, R Sherriff, D Cox, M Cooke, A Melville.

BELFAST HARLEQUINS (v Garryowen): A Park; S Coulter, G Mitchell, R Botha, J Lowe; A Derwin, S Clancy; C Boyd, R Best, S Best, D Barbour, A Emerson/C Beukes, C McCarey, N Best, R Wilson.

UL-BOHEMIAN (v Clontarf): K Gilligan; B Tuohy, N Lutman, C Finn, K Matthews; I Costello, D Malone; M Harty, G Ryan, K Carmody, D O'Connell, M Porter, J O'Neill, A O'Gorman, A Hartigan.


DOLPHIN (v Dublin University): D Keeshan; S O'Halloran, B O'Neill, M Manning, M Cronin; J O'Mahony, D O'Mahony; E Knowles, D O'Farrell, J O'Sullivan, R McGrath, D Pomeroy, S Madigan, D Murphy, J Coughlan.

DUBLIN UNIVERSITY: F Keane; A Jackson, J Quigley, B Hastings; S Magee; D Crotty, M McCluggage; C Sheehy, K Murphy, S Brophy, A Maher, P Lennon, M Garvey, P Raftery, J Heaslip.

MIDLETON (v Ballynahinch): B Morris; D Hurley, K Barry, D Smyth, K Wall; G Donald, W Dunne; P Smyth, J Colbert, K Brierly, M Cullinane, Aidan McCarthy, M O'Connell, S Buckley, B O'Connell.

PORTADOWN (v Thomond): G Lyttle; P Graham, C Holmes, P McGrann, D Whitten; P Hancock, B Gribben; M Wright, C O'Kane, G Caldwell, P Jackson, N Beukes, K Boyce, G Brown, S Lamb.

UCC (v Sunday's Well): P O'Brien; R Lane, C O'Sullivan, P Morahanb, P Hurley; C Quaid, F Murphy; M Barrett/S O'Connell, J Rothwell, F Gately, A Laffin, D Harty, A N Other, D Leamy, S Keogh.

GREYSTONES (v Young Munster): R Spillane; E O'Brien, C McNaughton, K Shepherd, D McKechnie; S Brady, S Scanlan; N Hopkins, G O'Hanlon, L Murphy, N Megannety, S Galvan, D McGettigan, R Connolly, N Beuck.


BALLINA (v Banbridge): G Peterson; L Brady, D Newman, G McDonnell, D Brady; C Anderson, P Jennings; J Screene, B Barrett, C Kinsey, R Sheehan, C Moore, A Moss, J Ruane, G Frith.

BANBRIDGE (Y): Andy Duke (w) 048 94 463259; (h) 048 40 626372. D Soper; R Best, C Crawford, A Finney, T Sneddon; S Wilson, M Chambers; J Nelson, A Stewart, G Jelly, J Poole, S Nelson, J Cromie, M Waugh, C Bickerstaff.

CITY Of DERRY (v Queen's Universoty): A Brolly; S McKinney, B Pickett, A Tosh, A N Other; S Smyth, R Spee; C Bowman, P Hollinsworth, R Balfour, D Wetherall, S Berryman, M Black, S Sims, K Gallick.

NAAS (v Connemara): C Byrne; G Brennan, M Fitzgerald, R Byrne, S Pringle; L Sheehan,S Keogh; I McLaughlin, M Byrne, T Walsh, D Walsh, D Conneran, M Cuddihy, E Daly, E Collins.

CONNEMARA (Y thurs): John O'Brien (h) 095-21118; (m) 087-2379662. M Walsh; P O'Toole, M Foyle, P O'Neill, A Keogh; A King, D Keogh; F Woods, O De Lapp, B Flaherty, F Madden, K Keogh, B Keaney, N Walsh, T King.

INSTONIANS (v Skerries): I Knox; S Gardiner, A Hamlin, D Rumney, D Dunlop; S Flynn, D Sloan; C Schofield, M McLachlin, D Brownrigg, K Morton, J Gardiner, Q Caulfield, M Lyttle, A Srewart

SKERRIES: M Hewitt; M Connolly, G Early, E Caraher, D Keane; C Keane, G Duff; P O'Connor, B Mulcahy, K Rooney, K Dowling, C O'Shea, R Kelleher, P Butler, T Grey.

OLD WESLEY (v Highfield): B Hogan; R McNaughton, R O'Connor, M Smyth, R Thompson; D Smith, P Campbell; I Wallace, M Crokett, S Kinlan, B Lowe, V Ryan, K Steinbach, J Sharpe, S Melville.

WANDERERS (v Waterpark): S Bowen; D O'Sullivan, D O'Keefe, N Osbourne, M Culhane; T Sampson, C Finnane; R Cole, B Cantrell, A Ellison, T Magee, N Culleton, J Dalton, J Charlie, E Wardell.

WATERPARK: G Conway; M O'Grady, B Liddy, E Tobin, M Williams; C Stunnell, J Gallagher; P Murphy, K Taylor, C Condon, J Duffy, P McGovern, N Power, J Dickson, G Tuohy.

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