All-rounder O’Donnell stars for Kieran’s

St Kieran’s 2-10 St Senan’s 1-12

O’Donnell was instigator of two goals, the first on 18 minutes, when he put the ball into the path of Seamus Byrnes, and again midway through the second half when Jim O’Donovan latched onto his sideline free to fire home.

The result was especially harsh on Paul Ryan, who conjured 1-7 for the losers.

Kieran’s were first out of the traps and Seamus Byrnes, Declan Quaid and Anthony Molyneaux had them ahead 0-6 to 0-2 after 17 minutes, Conor Mullane and Ryan replying.

Byrnes’ opening goal put more distance between them, but inspired by Conor Mullane, who was given a roving role, Senan’s stormed back. Eoin Sheehy and John O’Hanlon narrowed the gap before Ryan hit a goal to leave them behind 1-7 to 1-6 at the break.

Ryan levelled on 31 minutes, but O’Donovan’s green flag helped Kieran’s to a 2-9 to 1-8 lead on 47 minutes. Senan’s restricted them to one more point in the final quarter, but despite the best efforts of Ryan and Lane they could not take victory.

Scorers: St Kieran’s, S. Byrnes 1-2, D. Quaid 0-4, J. O’Donovan 1-0, S. O’Donnell 0-2, A. Molyneaux, C. Madigan 0-1. St Senan’s: P. Ryan 1-7, E. Sheehy 0-2, J. O’Hanlon, A. Lane, C. Mullane 0-1 each.

ST KIERAN’S: T Quinn; B Nolan, C O’Mahony, J Windle, M Kelly, J McCarthy, M Murphy; P Woulfe, J O’Donovan; C Madigan, D Quaid, P McCarthy, A Molyneaux, S O’Donnell, S Byrnes.

ST SENAN’S: D Kavanagh; J Ryan, D Carroll, T O’Malley, M Fitzgerald, C Mullane, A Lane; M Behan, T Carroll; G O’Hanlon, J O’Hanlon, E Sheehy, P Ryan, D Foley, N Guiney.

Referee: M. Meade (Ballylanders).

Monaleen 2-6 Drom-Broadford 0-8

TWO late goals by Monaleen’s Michael Crowley and Sean Cronin dethroned champions Drom-Broadford in a dramatic Limerick SHC semi-final at Bruff on Saturday.

Monaleen, trailing 0-7 to 0-5 after 53 minutes, looked in trouble but in a sensational two minutes, Crowley and Cronin had the ball past Eamonn Scollard and the champions were reeling. Points from Jason O’Brien and John Kelly completed the knockout.

Favourites Drom-Broadford dominated the first half with Pat Donnelly hitting five points for a three-point (0-6 to 0-3) lead at the interval.

However, two late sendings-off cost Drom dearly, with Monaleen denying their opponents their chance of a three-in-a-row.

Scorers: Monaleen: S. Cronin, M. Crowley 1-1 each, J. O’Brien 0-3, P. Russell 0-1. Drom-Broadford: P. Donnelly 0-5, J Kelly 0-2, R. Lynch 0-1.

MONALEEN: P O’Halloran; D Burke, J Cormican, M Cummins, F Melody, B Geary, B Fitzpatrick; A Kitson, J Marsh; M Crowley, P Russell, S Cronin, P Keating, Jason O’Brien, JPl Stokes.

Sub: F Nash for Burke.

DROM-BROADFORD: E Scollard; M Boyce, T Stack, M Clancy, K Curtin, T McLoughlin, B Fitzgerald; J Stokes, D O’Leary; G Noonan, R Lynch, J O’Kelly, P Donnelly, M Reidy, S Buckley.

Referee: W O’Mahony (Oola).

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