Narrow wins for Mullins and Buckley

CHRISTY Mullins and James Buckley got valuable wins in the Munster Senior Championship at the weekend. Mullins beat Bill Daly in the last throw at Shannonvale and Buckley edged Nicholas Carey at Carraig na bhFear.

At Shannonvale, Daly was just fore after three but Mullins took his first lead with a big shot to the quarry. Daly missed that by 100m and only beat by five metres with his next to leave almost a bowl between them. Mullins held that advantage to Desmond’s cross.

Daly knocked the bowl with a great shot from the cross. Mullins made Kearney’s lane with his next and Daly just kept the lead under a bowl. Mullins followed with a poor shot. Daly beat it by 100m and when Mullins played again his lead was just 40m.

Daly missed light at Campbell’s in two more and Mullins made bare light. Mullins won the next shot to the novice line comfortably. He increased his lead to the last bend. Daly played a great last bowl past the line. Mullins did well to beat it by 40m.

James Buckley started brilliantly against Nicholas Carey at Carraig na bhFear. He easily won the opening tip with a big bowl to light. He raised a bowl with his next to the doctor’s and reached Daunt’s in two more. He made Fitzgerald’s in five. The odds changed dramatically when he missed light at the creamery in two from there and Carey levelled.

Carey took his only lead with his bowl from the cross. Buckley reached the top of the hill with his next and then made the novice line to raise a bowl. He missed light in two more but still held his bowl to Crowley’s cross. Carey got a good bowl through the cross. Buckley missed that tip and just made light at the farm with his next.

Carey made the bridge with a good bowl, but Buckley beat it well. Carey could do little with his next shot and Buckley beat the line to take the points.

Conor McGuigan opened his Ulster senior campaign with a last shot win over Brian O’Reilly at Knappagh. They were level to Farley’s. Twice McGuigan handed the initiative to O’Reilly in the shots to the Condy corner but he took neither. O’Reilly made a mistake at the limekilns and McGuigan went a bowl in front at Rowntree’s.

He then played three poor shots in succession to fall behind at Brannigan’s. He rallied again with two big shots to the line. O’Reilly was still in control but he played a poor last shot and missed McGuigan’s tip by two metres.

Darren Oliver beat Jim O’Driscoll in the last shot in the Munster Intermediate championship at Derrinasafa. He looked to be secure after three great bowls from the Darkwood turn put him 100m clear. He was less assured in the close and won by just five metres.

In the Ulster Intermediate Paul Rafferty beat Fergal Donnelly in the last shot with Thomas Mackle off the pace. Mackle led by a bowl and two bowls at Rowntree’s but finished poorly.

In the Munster Senior Women’s championship, Gretta Cormican bowled well to beat Denise Murphy at Templemartin. Carmel Ryan got the better of Louise Daly in the last shot of a sensational contest at Dunderrow. Catriona O’Farrell-Kidney is virtually guarantied a quarter-final place following her win over Lorraine Hurley at the Bog Road.

Gary Daly reached the Mick Crowley Cup final at Bauravilla when he beat Aidan Murphy by a bowl. He led from his third shot and raised a bowl at the netting. Murphy knocked the bowl before the bridge, but Daly restored it at the bridge and held it to the finish.

Raymond Ryan beat Sean Murphy in the Jerry Desmond Cup at Kildee. The lead was closely contested in the early stages. Ryan’s massive seventh throw to O’Sullivan’s put him almost a bowl in front. He went two clear after another big bowl to the lay-by and then beat a great bowl from Murphy to hold his advantage.

David O’Mahony beat Killian Kingston in the last shot of the Killumney semi-final. He was in control until Kingston got a massive bowl to Connie’s corner to cut the lead to 40m. O’Mahony finished with three good bowls to hold his odds.

Patrick Butler recovered from almost a bowl down to beat Pat O’Brien by a bowl in the East Cork Junior A championship at Ballincurrig. O’Brien’s bowl was turned by the line at the top of the long straight allowing Butler to level. A big shot to light on top of the short straight put him a bowl in front.

Johnny Murphy beat a sensational last shot from Killian O’Sullivan in the Mid-Cork Junior A at Newcestown. He raised a bowl with his first, but a big fourth brought O’Sullivan into it and he led at Fehilly’s. Murphy raised a bowl again at Desmond’s lane and held it to O’Brien’s cross. He missed light at the water and O’Sullivan went down to level it. Murphy held a slight edge in the run-in, but needed a rub to beat O’Sullivan’s last tip.

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