Letter to the Editor: Let’s support the drive for change in China

Letter to the Editor: Let’s support the drive for change in China
The Chinese flag. Photo: Dan Linehan

Senator Michael McDowell is one of the very few Irish political figures willing to speak up about China's appalling treatment of minorities and dissidents. 

The Chinese Ambassador gave a performance on RTÉ Radio this morning that would make Trump blush. What he had to say was not a second cousin to the truth. 

Deputy John McGuinness has made trips to, and built relationships with Taiwan. He was seriously chastised for doing so, as I recall.  

We, of all people, should be more cognisant of tyranny abroad. 

The digital "green jersey" is no friend to Human Rights. We slip the iphone in the pocket and do not ask any questions. It is a selfish and simple-minded approach. 

The Communist Party in China is not the unassailable or immutable monolith Western journalism appears to assume that it is. 

In every city and at every cross-roads in China, there are people the same as us. They know they are being intimidated, lied to and oppressed. They want their children to have better lives than theirs. 

There are Vaclav Havels and Alexander Solzhenitsyns in China same as everywhere else in human history. 

China will change  - because its people want China to change. We should support and encourage that change.  

Michael Deasy


Co Donegal 

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