Reader's Blog: Bethany Home survivor’s plea to the Taoiseach

A letter to the Taoiseach.

Reader's Blog: Bethany Home survivor’s plea to the Taoiseach

A letter to the Taoiseach:

I am one of the few left that were born in Bethany. I have great respect for what your government has achieved in Ireland over the years. We are now out of the dark ages and admired throughout the world for our way of life. A lot of the laws in Australia have been started by the Irish and I am very proud of that.

I am now 79 and know I do not have long to live. I was adopted illegally three times according to my knowledge and my name was changed three times. I was born Maurice Johnson and have a birth certificate under that name. After many years of investigation and with the help of Derek Leinster I have been able to find my mother’s family.

Only last month I found out that I had a brother, I have spoken to him and if God wills I hope to meet with him. I have no nationality, as there is no record of a Paul Graham being born anywhere.

Your civil servants have directed me to various agencies to try and fix the problem without success as they want me to engage my own legal person.

All I want is to be able to die in the knowledge that I am officially Irish

Surely it would not be too difficult for the appropriate department to give me a passport or a letter giving me Irish citizenship?

I also would like to know when, if ever, will the question of what will be the decision of your government in relation to removing this stain of blood from the map of Ireland. I have written several letters to the protestant Archbishop of Ireland and he refuses to accept that his Church was involved in any way despite the written proof that Derek Leinster has uncovered. I have now written to the HM the Queen, as head of this Church, asking that she intercedes with the archbishop to accept some responsibility. All the Churches in Australia have done this.

Thank you for being so open and honest and I hope that Catholics as well as Protestants are treated equally in this terrible past.

I am an alcoholic, however I am pleased that I have been sober for over 40 years. I have forgiven my mother for giving me away (which was very hard to do). I just want to die in peace

Paul Graham


NSW 2018


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