Sovereignty of the State increasingly weakening

I SHARE the frustration and indignation at Ireland’s Call being referred to as the national anthem when the Irish rugby team play abroad.

Those who view this action as an attack on the sovereignty of this state have a valid case. Recent events support this view.

Following an insidious and persistent campaign, the Irish State succumbed to pressure from a small, unrepresentative anglocentric neo-unionist minority to participate in the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremonies of the Royal British Legion, thereby rejecting the national day of commemoration which was set aside to honour with dignity all those Irish who died in all wars, including service with the United Nations.

Last year the Irish Navy participated alongside the British Royal Navy in an event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Admiral Nelson’s defeat of the French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar.

I find it curious that the Irish Government participated in an event to celebrate the defeat of our historic allies by the armed forces of our former colonial masters.

Last July, in Carrigaline, Co Cork, a memorial was erected to honour 16th century English warlord Sir Francis Drake, and more recently the Irish Air Corps took part in the 65th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of Britain.

In the past few years the British state has been bestowing titles and honours upon selected Irish citizens as if they were her own British subjects. This appears to be an attempt to gradually integrate Irish notables and elite into the social and political establishment of the United Kingdom.

Sonia O’Sullivan has taken dual nationality so she can represent Australia in the Commonwealth Games.

She may soon qualify for Commonwealth participation as an Irish citizen, as we appear to be moving ever closer to Commonwealth re-entry.

Tom Cooper

23 Delaford Lawn


Dublin 16.

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

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