Bad example

MOST of those investigated

Judge Patwell's sentencing of Tim Allen has now set a very dangerous precedent.

Did he consider the implications of his judgement for other pending cases?

It is now possible for any of the other middle class men charged with downloading images of innocent children being abused to offer a 'donation' to a charity and for their legal team to cite the dangerous precedent now set.

Sharon Cronin,

Hazelwood Avenue,


Co Cork.

A simple fool's view of crime and punishment Dear Judge Patwell,

Why did you feel that your judgment in the recent child porn case would be criticised?

Nobody other than a simple fool like me would do that. A simple fool believes that if you are caught with child pornography, you go to jail in a country that sets its face against such things.

A simple fool believes that public odium is a self-inflicted penalty which should not serve to subvert the state's role in imposing sentence.

A simple fool believes that the mental suffering of an adult convict does not compare with that of a small child in a porn image. A simple fool believes that the children in the images are innocent and everything should be done to stamp out the child porn industry and its supporters.

That's a simple fool's sense of right and wrong where small children are concerned. The simple fools may constitute the overwhelming majority of the population, but what of it?

The complicated people will applaud your decision. Some may even thank you. Child porn activity in Ireland is now like a parking ticket pay up and forget about it.

In fact, Ireland is now a great place to have child porn once you can make the donation. I can see the tourism posters - 'Come to Ireland, you haven't seen the

half of it.'

Simple fools are for jail, and jail is for simple fools. It would be ridiculous to give effect to a simple fool's sense of right and wrong where vulnerable children are concerned. Well done, judge.

Patrick O'Donoghue,

(A simple fool),

44 Westgate Road,



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