We’re being marched into a cold wasteland

THE draft EU constitution would subordinate the Irish constitution and the Irish state to an EU superstate in the making. It ignores God and the family and will take away most of the national independence and democracy that we have left.

Article 1.10 of the EU constitution states: "The constitution and law adopted by the union institutions in exercising competencies conferred on it shall have primacy over the law of the member state."

The Nice Treaty is being replaced by the new charter of fundamental rights and the new constitution, overriding our constitution (as was always intended). By voting for the Nice Treaty, the Irish people unknowingly voted for an entirely new constitution, without sight of it.

Under this new constitution, standard judgements and obligations will be imposed upon us by the EU court and commission regarding abortion, euthanasia, trial by jury, legalised drugs, prostitution, trade union and civil rights, Rapid Reaction Force, etc, without consultation with the people.

Our Supreme Court has ruled that only the Irish people, not the Government or Oireachtas, can surrender our sovereignty to Brussels.

Our constitution holds that our fundamental rights must never be touched they are 'superior and antecedent to the law.' The EU charter (Article 52) allows these rights to be limited in the interests of the EU, which refuses to subscribe to the European Convention on Human Rights. The eclipse of the sense of God is causing an eclipse of the sense of human dignity. Our leaders are marching us into a cold wasteland.

The human psyche can only be fulfilled when the individual enjoys a conscious awareness of the divine, which strengthens the sense of well-being and harmony. The anti-family culture of death written into the EU constitution will leave people with an emptiness at the centre of their lives. When people's spirits are deprived of meaning, their psyches become disorientated. They suffer from predictable neurotic problems and addictive preoccupation with things like money, power, status and pleasure. These are the familiar symptoms of a corrupt and sick society.

John O'Hanlon,

22, Sandford Avenue,

South Circular Road,

Dublin 8

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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