SF/IRA running rings round the Taoiseach

I AM disappointed at the Taoiseach’s defeatist attitude in regard to the Colombia Three.

Several months back, Mr Ahern expressed similar defeatism in the Dáil when he declared that the killers of Garda Jerry McCabe would have to be released in order to advance the peace process.

Only for the howls of outrage raised by the opposition, the gardaí, the public and Ann McCabe, which stiffened Mr Ahern’s spine, these men would now be walking the streets thumbing their noses at law-and-order.

This, and other examples, prove that when you stand up to terrorists, they cave in. When you collaborate with them, they come back asking for more. Mr Ahern has failed to learn this lesson.

He claims there was no deal in regard to the Colombia Three. Of course there no deal. Why would SF/IRA need to negotiate a deal when they knew Mr Ahern would, as usual, cave in and allow these terrorists to stay in Ireland.

The return of the Colombia Three has yet again shown Mr Ahern to have been duped by SF/IRA. Whatever happened to the “the best, the most skilful, the most devious and the most cunning”?

Or perhaps Mr Haughey’s assessment of the Taoiseach was as accurate as his assessment of his own finances.

Looking at SF/IRA run rings around Mr Ahern and slap his face leaves me waiting for the punchline, “you know when you’ve been tangoed”.

It is mystifying why someone who is reputed to have such brilliant negotiating and people skills can be so easily duped time and time again by SF/IRA.

I am aghast at how Mr Ahern can repeatedly place his trust in SF/IRA only for it to be repeatedly spat back in his face.

Perhaps the reason why he is so easily duped is because he, like all politicians, wants to leave a legacy. And since he didn’t get his Bertie Bowl, he desperately wants the peace process.

He is now so desperate that the peace process looks more like an appeasement process. At this rate, Mr Ahern is increasing looking as stupid as Neville Chamberlain did when he came back from Munich proudly waving that piece of paper. One shudders at the price we are going to pay for Mr Ahern’s appeasement.

Jason FitzHarris

5 Forest Boulevard



Co Dublin

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