Media only interested in sin and sensation

OUR greatest enemy at present is the left-wing secular media. Its agenda is to destroy the traditional family, to humiliate and destroy the Catholic Church and to corrupt our youth.

One could justifiably say our media is rotten to the core and takes every opportunity to promote its own agenda.

Malcolm Muggeridge, a friend of Mother Teresa, said in 1987: "The media has become society's poison."

I heard Phillip Flynn, a trade union official, say on radio that the media are only interested in "sin and sensation".

An American priest, visiting this country a number of years ago, said "the Irish media are viciously anti-Catholic". How very true are these observations.

Listen to or look at the ads on radio and television a lot of them are disgusting. We are constantly being bombarded with all sorts of filth and violence, which undermine the values of any stable society. A lot of decent people feel the same about our media.

Paddy O'Reilly,

Roscrea Road,


Co Tipperary.

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