Anti-Israeli propaganda is both one-sided and unjust

The anti-Israel propaganda being spouted by the likes of Zoe Lawlor of Gaza Action Ireland would be funny were it not so one-sided and unjust.

Anti-Israeli propaganda is both one-sided and unjust

Displacements of peoples in the Middle East certainly didn’t start with the creation of the State of Israel. This has been happening for thousands of years and one can pick your preferred displacement to make any political point one wishes, but I prefer to deal with the reality of life as it is today.

When I read such letters as Zoe Lawlor’s, I wonder would she prefer to walk unhindered, dressed as she wishes, in Jerusalem, talk to who she likes and have, say, a gin and tonic, or try any of the above in, say, Riyadh, where she would be locked up for any of the above. Jerusalem is about 45 miles from Amman in Jordan, but could be in a different planet as far as attitudes to, say, women are concerned.

In Jerusalem there is total religious freedom and Christians of many persuasions, Jews, Muslims, and others worship cheek by jowl. Contrast that with the situation before 1967, when Israel took over east Jerusalem after defeating another Muslim attempt to drive them into the sea. The Palestinians, led by Jordan, who up to then controlled East Jerusalem, would not allow the Jews to worship at the Western (Wailing) wall, a most sacred Jewish site. We in Ireland should do all we can to increase our trading and tourist ties with Israel, and any other countries in that area which show respect for individual rights. We should certainly boycott countries where suicide bombers are allowed to proliferate!

Dermot Walsh

Douglas Road


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