Technology is great, but we need a paper trail

A recent article (Irish Examiner, January 4) asked a timely question — “Could climate change pose a threat to our ability to produce electricity?” There is another real risk. A massive solar flare would have the magnetic power to trip electrical power grids worldwide.

Technology is great, but we need a paper trail

Cyberspace would then be at risk. Administrative data could be lost.

Twenty-five years ago, the services sector dreamed of ‘the paperless office’. But how workable is it?

In a global outage today,would we have any back-up paperwork to recover the systems?

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, recently said that 2017 is the deadline by which all government transactions with businesses will be made online.

Will there still be a paper trail to facilitate freedom of information?

No paper, no proof. Ask any good auditor.

Have government departments any contingency plans to ensure the safety of their electronically stored data in worst-case scenarios?

When the flooding crisis recedes, will the National Emergency Committee consider how to deal with a doomsday wipeout?

We do not want to hear the bell toll for technology as we know it, but we will always need the written word.

Michael Mernagh



Co Cork

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