Beware Bacik on abortion

In her article entitled ‘Repeal the eighth amendment and restore women’s bodily autonomy’ (December 1), Ivana Bacik outlines the bill that Labour would introduce if the amendment is repealed.

Beware Bacik on abortion

According to her, the bill, which would allow abortion on certified grounds of “risk to life, risk to health, rape, and fatal foetal abnormalities” is “sensible and moderate” and reflective of Irish society.

If the bill is really that sensible and moderate, why will the Labour Party continue to press for unconditional abortion rights for all women, even where conception is consensual, where there is no risk to the life or health of the woman, and where the health of the foetus is as good as it gets?

Beware the “sensible and moderate” end of the wedge!

Rory O’Donovan


Co Cork

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