Palestinians want Palestine in its entirety

Following on from Dr Ronit Lentin, it’s appalling and tragic whenever children are killed. (Letters, 24 Oct 24).

Palestinians want Palestine in its entirety

Without going into details of Palestinians sacrificing their own children - whether as casualties during the building of the Hamas terror tunnels, used as human shields, or encouraged to be ‘martyrs’ - the death of any child is a tragedy.

But why are children, or adults, for that matter, dying at all?

Israel as a nation has, like Dr Ronit Lentin, accepted the Palestinians’ right to self-determination. If the problem was just where to put the border, peace would have broken out years ago.

Unfortunately, the root of the conflict is that the Palestinians (and much of the Arab world) are not looking for a peace settlement that will result in two states, Palestine and Israel, side by side.

The Palestinians tell us so, constantly, and in language that in vituperation and vilification far exceeds the expressions quoted by Dr Lentin.

Abbas Zaki, a senior member of the Fatah Central Committee led by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has explained how causing Israel to leave Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank) would spell its doom.

He told a Lebanese TV interviewer that any status agreement between Israel and the PA “should be based upon the borders of June 4, 1967...everybody knows that the greater goal cannot be accomplished in one go.” In May this year a special meeting of the Palestinian parliament continued to reject any Jewish rights at all to the “land of Palestine”, meaning the entire land of Israel, including the sovereign territory of the State of Israel. declaring: “the entire “land of Palestine” is an Islamic endowment, and the Jews have no right to even a single inch of it.”

Hamas is even more blunt in its rejection of a two-state solution: Senior spokesman Mahmoud Al-Zahar, in a television interview argued that ‘Palestine in its entirety is Islamic waqf land, which cannot be relinquished’: ‘At this moment in time, we say to you, first of all: We want Palestine in its entirety - so there will not be any misunderstandings. If our generation is unable to achieve this, the next one will, and we are raising our children on this. Palestine means Palestine in its entirety, and Israel cannot exist in our midst.’

This conflict can end only when the Palestinians and their allies relinquish the idea that the Jews have no rights to a national home in the Holy Land, when they stop planning to destroy the State of Israel.

Then we wouldn’t see children on either side hurt or killed.

R L Hart

Albert Einstein Street



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