Is freedom of speech only applied to journalists?

As I read Suzanne Harrington’s article on Monday’s Irish Examiner the above question kept ringing in my ears. 

Is freedom of speech only applied to journalists?

She criticises the Bishop of Elphin, Kevin Doran, for voicing his opinion and advises him to take a vow of silence. Why shouldn’t he be free to have his say? Journalists praise each other all the time for being outspoken on important issues of the day. Readers might not always like what they say.

Some might even be offended by it. Nevertheless their articles are printed anyway. No one tells them that they should ‘take a vow of silence’.

She also takes issue with Bishop Doran discussing topics such as rape, parenting and homosexuality on the grounds that he is not sexually active, he has no children and he is male. Would she prefer to have a rapist discussing rape? The people with the problems are not always the ones to solve their own problems. One does not have to have the disease to administer the cure!

She jeeringly comments on Bishop Doran’s knowledge of God, obviously she has never heard of the book called the Bible, quoting some obscure non right to speak on something that may or may not exist. Clearly she doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t mind offending those who do. Incidentally her article couldn’t be more prejudiced, divisive and bigoted.

Maybe Kevin Doran should be locked up in the tower of London like Saint Oliver Plunkett or Thomas Moore (Google it Suzanne).

Rena Haverty

Moorpark St


Co Offaly

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