We need sensible road signage to help drivers

I have been reading some interesting letters in these pages on the speed limit signs on display on Irish roads. And yes, I also recently received a summons for doing 73kph in a 60kph speed limit.

We need sensible road signage to help drivers

Driving through Blackwater Bridge recently, between Sneem and Kenmare, I came across surely one of the craziest speed limit signs in the country.

The limit is 100kph and someone has changed the sign from 100 to 10 which would probably make more sense as it is one of the most narrow and twisty bits of the Ring of Kerry Road.

About 200 yards back from the sign, cars can in fact only drive in single file as the road over the Blackwater Bridge is only wide enough for one car at a time!

I think that over the last few years most Irish drivers have taken the good advice of Gay Byrne and are driving with more care and attention.

I think this needs to be encouraged with sensible road signage and speed detection that encourages drivers to slow down in dangerous places and not as a money-making exercise to catch as many drivers as possible.

Ted Dwyer




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Saturday, January 23, 2021

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